Swedish Military Flashlight - Brand New

Swedish Military Flashlight

Try as you might, but you will never find a military flashlight as cool as the Swedish military flashlight. Gone are the old angle head flashlights that once populated surplus stores. Way has been made for a new standard. And with an on-off switch that doubles as a signal push button, Morse code has never been flashier – pun intended. This, of course, makes no mention of all the other cool features.

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Description / Swedish Military Flashlight

The Swedish military flashlight is one of the more interesting military surplus products that have come through the Keepshooting.com warehouses in recent memory. As noted, all flashlights are brand new, unissued Swedish military surplus. They even come in their original packaging. As such, you need not worry about faulty wiring, blown circuits, water damage or any other malfunctions that could keep you from enjoying the product.

Formally, known as the ficklampa 3, or "torch 3," the Swedish military flashlight is a standard issue piece of equipment for the Swedish army. It is housed within a plastic case that measures approximately 4.25 inches, by 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches. It is powered by two standard C cell batteries and includes a spare bulb within the case.

Upon receiving your flashlight, you are likely to notice the presence of three slide levers located on the front of the case. These levers are attached to two lenses and a shade, each of which is capable of manipulating the light emitted from the bulb. There is one red lens, one green lens and one blackout shade. The blackout shade is designed to obscure the light emitted from the bulb. Additionally, there is a leather strap affixed to the rear of the case that measures approximately 1.5 inches wide. Aside from providing a belt loop, this leather strap also features a button loop at each end that makes attaching the flashlight to a jacket very simple.

The most interesting feature found on the Swedish military flashlight, however, is the on-off switch. I know that sounds odd, but hear me out. The on-off switch on the Swedish military flashlight is not just a fully-on, fully-off switch, though it does provide that function. It also serves as a push button on-off switch, meaning that it can be used as a signaling device. By turning the switch a half turn, you are able to send out a series of pulsing lights in Morse code.

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Manufacturer Swedish Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Put me down as another fan
Review by J
Just read the reviews. This is a very cool, well-made light at a good price. I put in an LED and it's even better. Unless you let your kids play with it, it should outlive you.
Useful Item at a Good Price
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
This is a very functional light, as well as being of interest to collectors. A very cool item. The multiple lenses multiply its usefulness.
High quality, fantastic price
Review by Andrew
5 bucks is a great price for this. It's got lots of interesting features. The casing is plastic and maybe a little fragile, but it can easily serve as a morse code signaling device or red light. Not too bright, but you can replace the bulb if you'd like - it might be more expensive than the actual flashlight, though.
Quality and Great Price
Review by Lucas
For 4 dollars you cant beat this. Sweden makes everything pretty solid. Not super high lumens but bright for a 4 dollar light
Review by Walther
Recieved one of these as a gift from a friend, and couldn't complain! Great little flashlight, the switch/button on top works great, and shines pretty bright for its size. Buy them while they're this cheap!
Great for the outdoors.
Review by Dan R
Always wanted one of these. On sale and bought two! Use one as a goto truck flashlight. The other to do my nightly chores. I had my wife sew two buttons to some elastic strip. I fastened the strip to the two leather straps using the button holes. I can now carry it on the back of my weak hand, freeing up both hands.
Great bargain
Review by Jason
Purchased a few of these. Quality construction. As some have mentioned, not extremely bright but does the job and has cool features. Very happy with them.
great light
Review by carol
after figuring out how the battery case opened. I installed two C everready batteries and it lit up like an old metal flashlight from the 50,s. great light.. great item ... A+++++
Bargain lamp
Review by Joe
New old stock lamp, good condition in the box, so load up 2 C cells, looks to be simple replacement bulb included, not too bright but works with crisp switch. Red or green sliders and cool blackout feature, effective for clandestine camping . Black Friday sale plus on price, Good for stock up minded citizens
Great light
Review by Mike
Purchased this light for two reasons: 10 it looked like the old WW2 german lights and 2) anything swedish military is GREAT !!! Very pleased with the light. Its performance is retro cool and its of great quality. Can't beat the price, Mike
Very unique
Review by SwampFox
I bought several of these for my kids. I had a crookneck as a kid playing outside at night and thought this would be a good cheaper option. My son loves it, you don't need to unscrew anything to change out the colored lenses -- just flip a switch and you're in green or red. Very unique light.

It would also be a great signal/survival light.
Works Great !
Review by Art C
Hi !
Yes they work Great !
I ordered two and got two that work Great !
Thank You ! 8)
Ficklampa: good little light
Review by John
Like a Volvo: it's boxy but it's good. Don't know why people are talking about installing a brighter LED bulb...I'm guessing it's designed to be not too bright. Buttons nicely into a swedish zeltbahn tent, btw.
Neat product! Swedish quality!
Review by Edwin
Very neat! I got mine today with my order, it's different than I expected. The extra bulb is actually held inside the case in a little storage area! I also like the shades and the button loop leather piece, it's going to require modification to use but I really dig it!
great light
Review by robert
original bulbs burned out fast and are dim, got a led bulb, cost more than the light though
Great light!
Review by seth
Also very good for kids. Has a button tab so you can stick it to your coat and go hands-free!
Great kid light
Review by William
We have 2 adventure oriented boys. They've had a lot of fun with these; flashing secret codes that their mother and I can't decipher. A nice retro chic kind of thing.
Great bang for the buck!
Review by Kenneth
Got 2 of these, one for me and one for the wife. Plan on replacing the issued bulb with an led equivalent. As is it is a great light! Just need to figure out to attach it to my jacket for 'hands-free' use.
Good product
Review by Jacob
Really nice flashlight. I like the built in lenses. Would definitely recommend.
Review by Jason
I first purchased this as a gift for a boy's birthday present and it was all I could do to give it to him after I saw how cool it was. I'm going to buy two more for me!
great flashlight
Review by charles
great flashlight shape is very handy for setting down,red and green shades for saving your night vision sends morse code, and it has spare bulb inside of the case. what more could you want?
Very cool item
Review by Bill
This flashlight is a very useful item for numerous occasions. Small, lightweight, and compact with a surprisingly bright beam. Three way switch, off, on, and push button mode. The red and green slide up lenses are the best as you don' t have to change them out, just push up,or down. Price is right.
Great little light.
Review by Cyrus
Convenient light that is sure to last a while, as it uses two C batteries, and is not terribly bright. I couldn't figure out how to open the battery compartment, at first, but once the batteries were installed, I wanted to purchase another!
Cool little light
Review by Amy
very cool design and sweet deal. The plastic seems like it could be a little stronger but im not planning on being too rough with it
Great little flashlight
Review by mrk
This lights up a room nicely without being blindingly bright. The integrated filters are a neat option, I especially like the reading light/blackout filter. To open the case, on the back there is a little lever with some stippling. Push the stippling and then pull the case open. It might stick a bit but it will open like a book, the spare bulb is inside and it takes 2 C batteries. Awesome deal for a neat bit of kit!
Pretty Cool Item
Review by Gary
I like the flashlight, the Grandkids want me to get them each one (maybe next Christmas) I upgraded the filament bulb with a E10-WHP LED bulb from superbrightleds.com. What a difference over the stock bulb! Good value, get one.
Very effective
Review by Bradley
This is a very useful and rugged little light. It gets the job done and has several filters for a multitude of applications. I used this on a extended camping trip and it was handy to have. Its just big enough to fit in the palm of your hand comfortably. Its not blindingly bright like a lot of new LED flashlights so its good to not disturb fellow campers late at night by lighting their tents up as you walk past.
Usable item
Review by Dave
NOT WATER PROOF, may require maintenance if wet. Compact, Great condition. Great addition to your "truck bag"/bug out bag"
Great car light
Review by Eric
I have one in each vehicle for those oh crap times. Tough built even though it has a plastic housing. Extra bulb included which makes the be prep in me approve. Filters are great as well (red lens) for night crawler gathering. Great buy
Neat little flashlight
Review by Zachary
Like the other reviews say you will not be disappointed with this flashlight. It's not built like it T 55 tank but it will hold up very well and really where can you get a flashlight like this certainly not in any box store. With an LED bulb this flashlight would be extremely good for a bug out bag or glove box as I would expect at least 12 to 24 hours of battery life with mild LED bulb in it. Thank keep shooting.com for another gem I can't find these anywhere but here.
Review by Jeff
Better than Walmart flashlights and cheaper than others even with the shipping. I like the fact you can slip it on you belt or button it onto your coats, if they have buttons. Might be a good idea to switch out the bulb like the other reviews say.
pretty cool
Review by Andre
This is a neat little flashlight, it can be attached to nearly all military over coats (I use mine with a Bulgarian over coat I also purchased here) its a cool idea but functionality is lacking. when its buttoned to your coat it can be a little awkward to get the light to shine where you can it to and anytime you are carrying something the light is blotted out completely plus its not as bright as other flashlights of the same price. But I think its still worth buying, it comes with a spare bulb and takes c cell batteries so once you have it set up it'll last for quite some time, and even though it is made from plastic its very tough and will no doubt survive a quite a bit of abuse. all in all pick it up, even if its a novelty for you, for the price why not.
Every Bug out bag needs one.
Review by don
Ive ordered 4 of these now. Gave one away, and have one for each vehicle. Perfect for anyone who goes tactical. It has button holes for hanging from your BDU field shirt and walking in black out mode. It has red, green white and black out light ode for map reading, preserving night vision and being discrete.
Great usable and unique surplus item. Everyone needs a couple of these.
Review by troy
Interesting bit of Euro surplus. Works okay as a small flashlight. The green and red filters are interesting as is the "Black out" light feature. The black out feature would be just enough light if you were traveling through a Bavarian forest at night. The red filter will be great for when you need to find something in the tent in the middle of the night. The red will not blind you. I need to order a couple more to give my brother for his surplus collection.
good new flashlight
Review by Robert
ordered two of these flashlights one for me and the wife, they arrived in new condition, the wife was happy with hers, they are a fun useful item, a quality product as usual
swedish quality
Review by don
Really cool tactical flash light. I love the colored lenses and black out options. Every hunter ought to have one.
Great toy
Review by Joey
I got 3 of these originally. Wanted to retrofit 1 with a LED bulb, gave on to my 6 year old nephew (who loves it), and gave one to my flashlight-aholic friend. Very cool and fun novelty item. There are better lights on the market, but these have something about them I just love.
Built Like a Tank
Review by Daniel
Built like a tank! Although its plastic, its extremely durable and has taken multiple drops on the ground. The light is very bright and, with the filters, can be used at night without ruining night vision. The plastic shell opens to reveal the battery compartment and a spare bulb. Great addition for a bug out bag. I plan on adding an extra flashlight on my next purchase. Excellent flashlight for the money.
Great light
Review by John
Once I figured out how to open the back and insert the batteries life was good. This light is a steal. I like the red filter. You can keep in handy at night and if you have to make a 2am trip to the john you aren't blinded by bright light. Also red light won't ruin your night vision so around a camp sight you can see fine with the red light and not have to allow your eyes to readjust to the dark when you turn off the light. Bought 2 and may buy more. I'll probably take one reviewer's advice and try to find an LED replacement bulb.
Great value!!
Great flashlight
Review by Jacob
I love this flashlight easy to use and you can upgrade the bulb to LED. Red lens is good for night vision.
Great for camping!
Review by Bo
This is a well made little Flashlight! The different modes make it unique and quite interesting! This would come in Handy for Camping and Signaling, although it does look good hanging off a Surplus Uniform too! The fact is uses Standard C Cell Batteries is a Big Plus! And it looks as though the Bulbs can be upgraded to newer Krypton or even LED! Buy several and enjoy them!
great light
Review by Daniel
Great light to keep in your bug out kit
Buy this
Review by Bradley
Love this flashlight. Added batteries and worked right out of the box. Nice and bright. The red and green lenses are different and unique. Would recommend this product.
Worth the $$, can be modded
Review by Doc
Strongly made, fun little light - use as is for car or backyard camping. Kids will love it.
Takes 2 C-batts. The reflector houses the PR2 bulb, and can be easily removed for an LED mod.

Great choice for use, collection, or gift
Review by Ian
I bought a few of these - some for myself and some as gifts for others. It is a great flashlight. Tough, simple, and dependable. I have found that it is possible to put them onto MOLLE/ALICE adaptors and use them on FLC vests. Great little light. Also keep one in my vehicle. Will buy more. Great price here at Keep Shooting!
So many options!
Review by Logan
This was a last minute throw in purchase for me out of curiosity and boy I'm glad I pulled the trigger. Great little light with so many options.
Swedish Military Light
Review by Jill
You can tell this was built to last. I can't believe they are selling these for seven dollars. Buy a couple before they disappear.
Interesting little light
Review by Conrad
I ordered two of these and man are they cool! These swedish flashlights are brand new and very sturdy. The light shines bright and for only 7 bucks, there is no better light.
Review by Jason
I am very happy with this flashlight. The flashlight I received came new in the original box. I know this model of flashlight is outdated with the incandescent bulb, but I do not care for I purchased it more for the novelty of the thing. However, my young daughter seems to have taken an interest in it and has been playing with the flashlight. I do not think she can harm it, for the thing is built like a tank.
Cool item
Review by Alex
Not a bad flashlight to leave in a nightstand or glovebox. The signalling feature is kind of cool, as is the angled light filter. My only grip is that it's not quite as bright as I was thinking it would be, though that may be battery-related. The spare bulb is a nice touch.
Review by David
Just got my order in today. Got two flashlights. Good rugged quality. Highly recommend.
GR888T Value
Review by Ernest
From 1st glance I thought this would be a cheap plastic light. But after exam it showed to be a strong formula of plastic with a nicely sealed bulb and reflector (extra bulb incl) the intensity was nice and the look down illum feature really works well. I bought 2, one for her and myself. Such a great light at a very low price. Buy them while they are still here. Thanks, KS )))))
Cool Old-School Flashlight...
Review by Jedediah The GyroCaptain
This is the modern version of the old-school flashlights you see in the black and white photos from WWI & WWII. I've seen photos of the Bundeswehr using this style of flashlight into the 1980's.

* Made from green plastic, the flashlight is lightweight, even with the two "C" batteries installed.

* Official Swedish Army issue, marked "Flicklampa 3" and has the stock number and "3 Crowns" Swedish Army symbol.

* Has a green & red filter, and a slitted filter that projects a thin sliver of white light downwards so you don't fall in straddle trenches as two in the morning.

* The light switch has positive action for on or off, as well as a momentary on-switch for signalling.

* Has two button loops for "hands free" use. The base is also wide enough that the light will stand up.

* Comes with two bulbs; the bulbs project a solid circle of light; there is no dark spot in the middle of the beam, as with some flashlights.
swiss military flashlight
Review by gerard
Swiss military olive drab flashlight is very light weight. It is well made and very easy to use. I ordered two before flashlights are sold out. 5 star product.
Swedish Military Flashlight
Review by Richard
This is a pretty neat little flashlight. It looks and feels solid enough. I really like the versatility here. You can stand it up on the table, clip it to your belt, etc. Strobe function works great. For the price you can easily get one or more smaller flashlights that will provide more light than what this thing will put out, but as the product description clearly states, those flashlights won't be half as cool as this one.
Swedish Flashlight
Review by Brian
Glad I was able to pick one of these up. They are definitely older technology, but are built rock solid. I use mine for camping. It functions exactly how the video displays.
Very versitile
Review by Brent
I think the flashlight is particle, multipurpose, and is cool to look at. It is a well designed piece of equipment.
Perfect for the woods
Review by Anastasia
This is very high quality item right out of the box, even without the batteries installed, it has some nice weight to it. The back opens up by pushing the lever in, which exposes the inside of the flashlight where the batteries go, as well as a spare bulb. It has a leather strap that allows you to attach it to vests and other clothing. The blackout shade is my favorite feature, as it points a very small skinny streak of light at your foot level, making it almost impossible for someone to see you, unless they were only a few feet away from you. Great item.
Low Tech, Great value, Very cool!
Review by rodney
Bought this flashlight to attach to those mystery buttons on the outside front of my German flecktarn shirt/jacket. Has leather tabs and goes over the buttons, fits right on to provide light as I walk, look Mom, no hands . Light is rugged (NOT MADE IN CHINA!!) and lo tech. Sometimes less is more. Love the filters red/green/blackout. Wish it used D battery, but that would add to the weight and size. also came with an extra bulb inside flashlight body.
Handy, inexpensive, and well-designed tool
Review by Jerry
This little contraption, though decidedly low-tech, performs several functions very well. While functioning as a basic flashlight, it also contains integrated filter slides which produce either red or green light for situations where loss of night vision is a concern. There is also a slit filter to operate the light in "clandestine" mode where needed. Most usefully, the inclusion of a momentary contact switch, and a well-designed parabolic reflector allow the user to send optical Morse code signals over a respectable distance. Construction is heavy plastic, and uses common "C" batteries. Also has an integrated belt loop. Handy item.

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