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Try as you might, but you will never find a military flashlight as cool as the Swedish military flashlight. Gone are the old angle head flashlights that once populated surplus stores. Way has been made for a new standard. And with an on-off switch that doubles as a signal push button, Morse code has never been flashier – pun intended. This, of course, makes no mention of all the other cool features.

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The Swedish military flashlight is one of the more interesting military surplus products that have come through the Keepshooting.com warehouses in recent memory. As noted, all flashlights are brand new, unissued Swedish military surplus. They even come in their original packaging. As such, you need not worry about faulty wiring, blown circuits, water damage or any other malfunctions that could keep you from enjoying the product.

Formally, known as the ficklampa 3, or "torch 3," the Swedish military flashlight is a standard issue piece of equipment for the Swedish army. It is housed within a plastic case that measures approximately 4.25 inches, by 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches. It is powered by two standard C cell batteries and includes a spare bulb within the case.

Upon receiving your flashlight, you are likely to notice the presence of three slide levers located on the front of the case. These levers are attached to two lenses and a shade, each of which is capable of manipulating the light emitted from the bulb. There is one red lens, one green lens and one blackout shade. The blackout shade is designed to obscure the light emitted from the bulb. Additionally, there is a leather strap affixed to the rear of the case that measures approximately 1.5 inches wide. Aside from providing a belt loop, this leather strap also features a button loop at each end that makes attaching the flashlight to a jacket very simple.

The most interesting feature found on the Swedish military flashlight, however, is the on-off switch. I know that sounds odd, but hear me out. The on-off switch on the Swedish military flashlight is not just a fully-on, fully-off switch, though it does provide that function. It also serves as a push button on-off switch, meaning that it can be used as a signaling device. By turning the switch a half turn, you are able to send out a series of pulsing lights in Morse code.

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Customer Reviews

Put me down as another fan
Review by J
Verified Buyer
Just read the reviews. This is a very cool, well-made light at a good price. I put in an LED and it's even better. Unless you let your kids play with it, it should outlive you.
Useful Item at a Good Price
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
Verified Buyer
This is a very functional light, as well as being of interest to collectors. A very cool item. The multiple lenses multiply its usefulness.
High quality, fantastic price
Review by Andrew
Verified Buyer
5 bucks is a great price for this. It's got lots of interesting features. The casing is plastic and maybe a little fragile, but it can easily serve as a morse code signaling device or red light. Not too bright, but you can replace the bulb if you'd like - it might be more expensive than the actual flashlight, though.
Quality and Great Price
Review by Lucas
Verified Buyer
For 4 dollars you cant beat this. Sweden makes everything pretty solid. Not super high lumens but bright for a 4 dollar light
Review by Walther
Verified Buyer
Recieved one of these as a gift from a friend, and couldn't complain! Great little flashlight, the switch/button on top works great, and shines pretty bright for its size. Buy them while they're this cheap!
Great for the outdoors.
Review by Dan R
Verified Buyer
Always wanted one of these. On sale and bought two! Use one as a goto truck flashlight. The other to do my nightly chores. I had my wife sew two buttons to some elastic strip. I fastened the strip to the two leather straps using the button holes. I can now carry it on the back of my weak hand, freeing up both hands.
Great bargain
Review by Jason
Verified Buyer
Purchased a few of these. Quality construction. As some have mentioned, not extremely bright but does the job and has cool features. Very happy with them.
great light
Review by carol
Verified Buyer
after figuring out how the battery case opened. I installed two C everready batteries and it lit up like an old metal flashlight from the 50,s. great light.. great item ... A+++++
Bargain lamp
Review by Joe
Verified Buyer
New old stock lamp, good condition in the box, so load up 2 C cells, looks to be simple replacement bulb included, not too bright but works with crisp switch. Red or green sliders and cool blackout feature, effective for clandestine camping . Black Friday sale plus on price, Good for stock up minded citizens
Great light
Review by Mike
Verified Buyer
Purchased this light for two reasons: 10 it looked like the old WW2 german lights and 2) anything swedish military is GREAT !!! Very pleased with the light. Its performance is retro cool and its of great quality. Can't beat the price, Mike
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