Swedish Military Flashlight

Try as you might, but you will never find a military flashlight as cool as the Swedish military flashlight. Gone are the old angle head flashlights that once populated surplus stores. Way has been made for a new standard. And with an on-off switch that doubles as a signal push button, Morse code has never been flashier – pun intended. This, of course, makes no mention of all the other cool features.

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  1. Swedish Military Flashlight
  2. Three Slide Levers for Configuration
  3. Uses Two C cell Batteries
  4. Made in Sweden

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Customer Reviews

great flashlight
Review by charles
Verified Buyer
great flashlight shape is very handy for setting down,red and green shades for saving your night vision sends morse code, and it has spare bulb inside of the case. what more could you want?
Very cool item
Review by Bill
Verified Buyer
This flashlight is a very useful item for numerous occasions. Small, lightweight, and compact with a surprisingly bright beam. Three way switch, off, on, and push button mode. The red and green slide up lenses are the best as you don' t have to change them out, just push up,or down. Price is right.
Great little light.
Review by Cyrus
Verified Buyer
Convenient light that is sure to last a while, as it uses two C batteries, and is not terribly bright. I couldn't figure out how to open the battery compartment, at first, but once the batteries were installed, I wanted to purchase another!
Cool little light
Review by Amy
Verified Buyer
very cool design and sweet deal. The plastic seems like it could be a little stronger but im not planning on being too rough with it
Great little flashlight
Review by mrk
Verified Buyer
This lights up a room nicely without being blindingly bright. The integrated filters are a neat option, I especially like the reading light/blackout filter. To open the case, on the back there is a little lever with some stippling. Push the stippling and then pull the case open. It might stick a bit but it will open like a book, the spare bulb is inside and it takes 2 C batteries. Awesome deal for a neat bit of kit!
Pretty Cool Item
Review by Gary
Verified Buyer
I like the flashlight, the Grandkids want me to get them each one (maybe next Christmas) I upgraded the filament bulb with a E10-WHP LED bulb from superbrightleds.com. What a difference over the stock bulb! Good value, get one.
Very effective
Review by Bradley
Verified Buyer
This is a very useful and rugged little light. It gets the job done and has several filters for a multitude of applications. I used this on a extended camping trip and it was handy to have. Its just big enough to fit in the palm of your hand comfortably. Its not blindingly bright like a lot of new LED flashlights so its good to not disturb fellow campers late at night by lighting their tents up as you walk past.
Usable item
Review by Dave
Verified Buyer
NOT WATER PROOF, may require maintenance if wet. Compact, Great condition. Great addition to your "truck bag"/bug out bag"
Great car light
Review by Eric
Verified Buyer
I have one in each vehicle for those oh crap times. Tough built even though it has a plastic housing. Extra bulb included which makes the be prep in me approve. Filters are great as well (red lens) for night crawler gathering. Great buy
Neat little flashlight
Review by Zachary
Verified Buyer
Like the other reviews say you will not be disappointed with this flashlight. It's not built like it T 55 tank but it will hold up very well and really where can you get a flashlight like this certainly not in any box store. With an LED bulb this flashlight would be extremely good for a bug out bag or glove box as I would expect at least 12 to 24 hours of battery life with mild LED bulb in it. Thank keep shooting.com for another gem I can't find these anywhere but here.
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