Swedish Military Flashlight

Try as you might, but you will never find a military flashlight as cool as the Swedish military flashlight. Gone are the old angle head flashlights that once populated surplus stores. Way has been made for a new standard. And with an on-off switch that doubles as a signal push button, Morse code has never been flashier – pun intended. This, of course, makes no mention of all the other cool features.

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  1. Swedish Military Flashlight
  2. Three Slide Levers for Configuration
  3. Uses Two C cell Batteries
  4. Made in Sweden
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Overall Rating
Review by David
Just got my order in today. Got two flashlights. Good rugged quality. Highly recommend.
Overall Rating
GR888T Value
Review by Ernest
From 1st glance I thought this would be a cheap plastic light. But after exam it showed to be a strong formula of plastic with a nicely sealed bulb and reflector (extra bulb incl) the intensity was nice and the look down illum feature really works well. I bought 2, one for her and myself. Such a great light at a very low price. Buy them while they are still here. Thanks, KS )))))
Overall Rating
Cool Old-School Flashlight...
Review by Jedediah The GyroCaptain
This is the modern version of the old-school flashlights you see in the black and white photos from WWI & WWII. I've seen photos of the Bundeswehr using this style of flashlight into the 1980's.

* Made from green plastic, the flashlight is lightweight, even with the two "C" batteries installed.

* Official Swedish Army issue, marked "Flicklampa 3" and has the stock number and "3 Crowns" Swedish Army symbol.

* Has a green & red filter, and a slitted filter that projects a thin sliver of white light downwards so you don't fall in straddle trenches as two in the morning.

* The light switch has positive action for on or off, as well as a momentary on-switch for signalling.

* Has two button loops for "hands free" use. The base is also wide enough that the light will stand up.

* Comes with two bulbs; the bulbs project a solid circle of light; there is no dark spot in the middle of the beam, as with some flashlights.
Overall Rating
swiss military flashlight
Review by gerard
Swiss military olive drab flashlight is very light weight. It is well made and very easy to use. I ordered two before flashlights are sold out. 5 star product.
Overall Rating
Swedish Military Flashlight
Review by Richard
This is a pretty neat little flashlight. It looks and feels solid enough. I really like the versatility here. You can stand it up on the table, clip it to your belt, etc. Strobe function works great. For the price you can easily get one or more smaller flashlights that will provide more light than what this thing will put out, but as the product description clearly states, those flashlights won't be half as cool as this one.
Overall Rating
Swedish Flashlight
Review by Brian
Glad I was able to pick one of these up. They are definitely older technology, but are built rock solid. I use mine for camping. It functions exactly how the video displays.
Overall Rating
Very versitile
Review by Brent
I think the flashlight is particle, multipurpose, and is cool to look at. It is a well designed piece of equipment.
Overall Rating
Perfect for the woods
Review by Anastasia
This is very high quality item right out of the box, even without the batteries installed, it has some nice weight to it. The back opens up by pushing the lever in, which exposes the inside of the flashlight where the batteries go, as well as a spare bulb. It has a leather strap that allows you to attach it to vests and other clothing. The blackout shade is my favorite feature, as it points a very small skinny streak of light at your foot level, making it almost impossible for someone to see you, unless they were only a few feet away from you. Great item.
Overall Rating
Low Tech, Great value, Very cool!
Review by rodney
Bought this flashlight to attach to those mystery buttons on the outside front of my German flecktarn shirt/jacket. Has leather tabs and goes over the buttons, fits right on to provide light as I walk, look Mom, no hands . Light is rugged (NOT MADE IN CHINA!!) and lo tech. Sometimes less is more. Love the filters red/green/blackout. Wish it used D battery, but that would add to the weight and size. also came with an extra bulb inside flashlight body.
Overall Rating
Handy, inexpensive, and well-designed tool
Review by Jerry
This little contraption, though decidedly low-tech, performs several functions very well. While functioning as a basic flashlight, it also contains integrated filter slides which produce either red or green light for situations where loss of night vision is a concern. There is also a slit filter to operate the light in "clandestine" mode where needed. Most usefully, the inclusion of a momentary contact switch, and a well-designed parabolic reflector allow the user to send optical Morse code signals over a respectable distance. Construction is heavy plastic, and uses common "C" batteries. Also has an integrated belt loop. Handy item.
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