Swedish Military Motorcycle Jacket

Mix one part motorcycle jacket with one part military issue and you get this awesome Swedish Military Motorcycle Jacket. We were offered a very small quantity of these jackets but couldn't pass them up. Once these are gone, there will be no more!

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The Swedish Military Motorcycle Jacket we have available might be the coolest looking jacket in our warehouse. 

Some of the more noteworthy features you'll find on these jackets:

  • Button in removeable synthetic fur liner - You have the ability to use this motorcycle jacket in any season.
  • Stylish double-breasted design - No reason not to look good while riding
  • 8" x 8" External Chest Pocket - Sealed with Two Buttons
  • Authentic Swedish Military Three Crowns stamping
  • Size Swedish C50 (Medium/Large)
Pick up one of these military motorcycle jackets before we've sold out, this is your last chance to get one. 

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Customer Reviews

Sweet Jacket
Review by William
Verified Buyer
Bought one of these just to have as a winter coat and it's awesome, I love it....I even love the musty mil-surp smell... Great Price !!!!!
Glad to Get One
Review by Roy
Verified Buyer
I discovered this style jacket several years ago, but never could find one in my size (C56). And if there was one in my size, the price was around $200. I was happy to find this on KS for $50 and snagged one.

Although it's too warm to wear it right now, quality and condition are excellent. I did take it to the cleaners to get rid of a slightly musty odor. I'm looking forward to wearing it when the weather gets colder.
Go ahead and get this while its available, it's a keeper!
Review by David
Verified Buyer
This is a very nice vintage jacket for what you are paying for it. The canvas shell is very thick, and cuts the wind well. The inner fake fur liner is very warm and cozy, and is held in with buttons in case you want to remove it. I am 6'1 and 195 lbs, and the size C54 fits me perfectly while still leaving some room underneath for other layers. Overall it's put together very well, and should hold up for a very long time (Ive owned many motorcycle jackets over the years).
Best of all, the jacket didn't have any funky smells to deal with when I pulled it out of the box!

The only cons that I can really think of are that once you put it on you shouldn't be in too big of a hurry to take it off, because it has a lot of buttons to fasten and a couple of straps to tighten/adjust. If you are used to modern motorcycle jackets you may not like its lack of side pockets (its only pocket is the pouch on the front). It also lacks some features that most modern motorcycle jackets have such as back armor protection and padding on the elbows and shoulders. If that matters to you then you can always wear some other armor up under it. I honestly didn't expect it to have any of this, considering it was made in the 1960s (mine is dated 1961). I felt it was worth mentioning in case anyone else plans on doing any serious riding with it. That being said, it is thick enough that I have no doubts at all about it saving my skin though!

These jackets aren't too common anymore, so if you like it you should go ahead and snatch one up if they have one in your size, otherwise you'll probably have to buy it at an inflated cost later on eBay.

Overall I do believe that this jacket deserves 5 stars for what it is... which is a quality surplus item that's built well, and will probably outlast your motorcycle.
A great jacket with unique flair
Review by Paul
Verified Buyer
I bought this on a spur of the moment, having seen the pic and thinking I'd take a chance on a unique looking jacket, which I just received today. Having just received it, I have absolutely no qualms about the quality of the jacket or liner, especially for the price, but more details follow;

First, the condition of the jacket I received was "Like New" rather than "Surplus Used". Even more so than another surplus jacket I also ordered, this item looks like it sat in the packaging since the day it was made (1961, according to the inner markings), never seeing a shelf or even being tried on. The material is still a bit stiff, much like a new, non-prewashed, denim jacket, which a few turns through the laundry will no doubt soften up.

Next up, the cut is short in style, like a bomber jacket, with the sleeves having a fair bit of bulk, but at a perfect length (for me) otherwise. Sans liner, there is about 3-4 inch overlap on the side buttons if I snug it up tight. Plenty of space for a sweater, or other fleece liner underneath. The faux-fur liner is warm, quite warm - a few moments trying it on inside the house, and it was noticeable. Also, the faux-fur is sewn into the collar, so only the body part of the liner is removable.

Now, as to the jacket/sizing - I'm 5'8, 175lbs, medium build, and I ordered the C50 size, which is out of stock (at the time of this review). The jacket fits fine, especially with the button-in liner in place. The fittings are old school, with buttons and the two belts (of a sort) at neck and waist - no zippers to be found. The front pocket is not just buttoned, but folds over the opening of the pocket. By which I mean, the opening to the pocket is right along the edge where the loops are, so the "top" few inches of the pocket is doubled over, helping to seal it from the elements and protect against loss.

Finally, why I gave it (only) a 4 for value:
- there is no inner pockets, sleeve pockets, or side/hand warmer pockets, just the big front pocket.
- the liner isn't really useable alone (no collar, no self fastening, several inches shorter than jacket), and;
- the jacket still has the fur on the collar even without the liner, which might make it a bit too warm in some conditions.

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