Swedish Wool Trigger Finger Mittens

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The Swedish Wool Trigger Finger Mittens are a pair of cold weather shooting mittens that were made for the Swedish Army. These unique mittens are designed so that your hand can stay warm and once you have the perfect shot lined up you can extend your trigger finger through the opening in the mittens. You will achieve greater accuracy and be able to wait longer for the perfect shot when using these mittens in the cold weather.

The Swedish Wool Trigger Finger Mittens are a great example of the Swedish Army fielding innovating gear. When you have a country that has portions of territory extending past the Arctic Circle you have to think creatively when solving problems dealing with the cold. With the Swedish Army, they had problems with soldiers hands getting too cold while carrying their rifles.

This problem was solved by these wool trigger finger mittens, which allowed soldiers to keep their hands warm while also being able to quickly fire their rifles when necessary. There is no need to remove the gloves to fire, there is a small opening that will allow you to quickly extend your trigger finger to fire your rifle or handgun.

  • Authentic Swedish Wool Mittens
  • Trigger Finger Style
  • Designed for Cold Weather Shooting
  • Made from Wool
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