Swiss Army Wool Blanket

The Swiss Army Wool Blanket is the most desirable military surplus wool blanket in the world. There is no doubt why once you see one in person, they are made to what can only be called Swiss Quality standards and they are absolutely beautiful.

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These blankets were produced over 50 years ago by Swiss craftsmen and later stored in the Alps in military depot mountain cave systems. The result is the blankets when sold to us were in as good of a condition today as they were when they were finished by the original manufacturer.

There was such pride taken in the construction of these Swiss wool blankets that the craftsman who made the blanket sews their initials and year and manufacturer into each blanket. Taking a look at how the Swiss Cross was added on top of each of the red bands, you will see the white cross was felted into the wool, a time consuming method that provides a superior look and feel. You will not find this level of skill or care in any other military wool blanket.

  • Authentic Swiss Army Blanket
  • All Original - Not a "Reproduction"
  • Made from 100% Wool
  • Two Red Bands with Swiss White Crosses
  • Makers Mark and Year of Production
  • Absolutely Beautiful - Heirloom Quality
  • Dimensions: 79" L x 55" W (approximate)
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Overall Rating
Not my favorite surplus wool blanket
Review by Joseph
After 1 winter of use, I think I'll be the voice of dissention from the 5 star reviews.
The blanket is soft (as soft as wool can be). 10 of 10
The size is just ok. 8 of 10 (I'm 5' 10" 200#)
Definitely not a reproduction.
The blanket is constructed well.10 of10
Unused condition w/ 68W on a corner. 10 of 10
My issue is, it's not very thick so it's not very warm. 5 of 10
I like my green french blanket (from Keepshooting) much more because of it's size and weight. If the Swiss had used the same quality and materials with the size and thickness of the French...
THAT would easily be a blanket worth the $60 I spent.
I wouldn't return it if I could. It is interesting and nice looking. It's just not a piece I would ever say "That was $60 well spent!".
Overall Rating
Review by Jared
This is the nicest wool blanket I own!!! Easily the best surplus blanket ever made! I thought the Bulgarian officers blanket was soft but this baby blows the Bulgarian one out of the water! I have sensitive skin and this doesn’t itch at all! It’s got to be merino or something... I should’ve bought more when I had the chance...
Overall Rating
Kick my butt
Review by tracy
I'm regretting not buying 2 of these when I had the chance. Well at least I bought one....
Overall Rating
Quality you can feel
Review by Chris
Great quality blanket has a nice sturdy feeling without losing comfort. Mine was stitched with a W 68 and has what appears to be a crest beneath it. These blankets are not cheap but they are getting harder to find.
Overall Rating
Best quality wool blanket on the market
Review by Dave
Get these while you still can. You can not beat the quality of these anywhere. And this price (even less than I paid) is the best you'll ever see. Get one (or more) while you'll never be cold again!
Overall Rating
Review by Michael
Just awesome. Fantastic blankets, thanks!
Overall Rating
Must Buy! Excellent Wool Blanket
Review by HK Fan
I missed out on these Swiss Army wool blankets when KS sold these a month or so ago. When they had more, I immediately bought two. The quality of the blankets were better than the surplus Bulgarian wool blankets I purchased. The condition appeared to be straight from the factory. My wife and kids used these blankets, and there were no complaints of itchiness or smell. Both of my blankets were dated "68" and had the letter "W" which appeared to be two "V" interlaced.
Overall Rating
The last of the Best!
Review by Al
These blankets were produced in the Swiss Alps between 1900 and the 1960s indestructible Swiss Army blankets were hand woven from the grey and brown wool of local sheep. Each blanket bears the initials of the maker and the date it was woven. Mine are dated 68 with the letter W in red. The Swiss army ceased producing the blankets at the end of the 1960s so these are collectors items to be cherished for years to come. Supper soft and toasty warm with no smell. Don't wait, you will not see these originals at this price after they sell out. Thanks KS!

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