Swiss Army Wool Neck Roll

The Swiss Army Wool Neck Roll is a versatile piece of cold weather gear that was originally issued to soldiers in the Swiss army. Designed to be worn as a neck warmer, this neck roll can also be worn on your head similar to a bandana.

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The Swiss know a thing or two about dealing with cold weather. From their excellent parkas to more specialized items like these Swiss Army Wool Neck Rolls, one thing is certain and that is if it is Swiss made it will keep you warm and comfortable in the cold.

  • Made from Wool - Super warm even when wet
  • Stretches to fit - One size fits most
  • Swiss Army Blue - Doesn't Look Overtly Military
  • Dimensions: 13" L x 8" W
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Overall Rating
Awesome piece of winter wear
Review by Mike F
Good quality, soft, and warm neckie. Its also stretchy enough to pull it over half of your face. And its not itchy at all. Great buy.
Overall Rating
The Swiss army
Review by Chris
The Swiss army wool neck roll is exactly what the description says it is. Not only will this comfortable lightweight piece of gear keep you warm but it's very breathable. In other words, it will barely hinder your ability to hear and breath. It's definitely worth buying if you're into neck gaiters.
Overall Rating
Excellent, but best for smaller heads/necks.
Review by Ryan
It arrived in like new condition with plastic seal around it. I had ordered this one, and the swedish neck scarf for $9.99. I really liked this one, and it looks very attractive in blue, but it was a little tight for me. I'm a larger guy, and it fits my neck just fine, but found it hard to get over my head, and was a bit snug to pull over my face. It was more tightly woven for less stretch, but definitely seems sturdy. I think my wife will get more use out of this one, although I definitely think it's a worthy purchase. Not too itchy either. I'd buy again if it were for a smaller individual, or for someone who didn't need facial coverage.
Overall Rating
Betrn most mod ones
Review by Pierra a' Fusil
The item I received appeared barely used - if at all. Compared to "modern", typically fleece or polypro types, the old school wool knit has some advantages. The stretch and recovery of this knit is excellent. The material has all the bonus properties of wool - warm when wet, fibers don't break down as quickly as synthetics, etc. The length is also good - longer than most commercial ones - no gapping if you have a long neck - but not quite long enough to do an effective cowl, or "headover" unless you have a small head/short neck. The color is good too - mostly grayish on mine, and pretty much OK for a replica Wehrmacht neck gaiter if you were "re-enacting".
Overall Rating
Great for running in cold weather
Review by mrk
Arrived in perfect shape, sealed in plastic, and seems brand new.

Not overly thick - somewhat lightweight but still very warm for as thin/light as it is.

Feels a bit course, but does not feel scratchy while wearing it.

I ran 5 miles this morning in 16F weather with this. I wore a running cap and this around my neck, pulled up over my nose.

First, it stayed up over my nose and covered my mouth and nose for the whole run, which is awesome. No stretching and drooping.

Second, it's thin enough to let you breathe easily through it, and feel the chill of the air breathing in, but thick enough to keep your face warm.

Third, it blocks the wind which can sap heat off of you and make you feel really chilled otherwise.

Super handy to wear on chilly days, and if the wind picks up, pull it up over your face.

Great piece of running gear and winter gear, I'll be getting a couple more. Thanks KS!
Overall Rating
Versatile piece of clothing.
Review by Kevin
This neck warmer does it job well. Moderate weight and tight knit wool. I use mine for staying warm while hunting, bicycle riding and walking. Much better than a scarf since there is no loose material, and really helps keep you warm. Super handy to keep around.

The Swiss wool neck roll is an excellent value, especially when you consider similar civilian wool neck gaiters cost about four times as much. I'm very satisfied with this product.
Overall Rating
Just Awesome
Review by calendar man
I have used the first one I bought in January so much I bought another. Perfect for time out in the woods or on the loading dock. Kept the wind off my neck and warm all winter. A GREAT BUY
Overall Rating
Good gear.
Review by Jim K.
I really like neck gaiters, which is what these are usually called. I have wool USGI gaiters, and poly/lycra USMC gaiters, both of which are nice. These Swiss gaiters combine the warmth of the USGI wool gaiters, and the tighter fit of the USMC gaiters, so they are ideal in my book.
Overall Rating
Does what it says on the tin!
Review by Michael
I like this neck warmer because it is unique. Rarely do I come across military surplus dedicated neck warmers like this.. most of the times it's scarves.. which I'm not a big fan of.

Suffice it to say when I ordered this one I was really happy.. Functions perfectly, very lightweight, and impressively retains warmth.

You lose most of your heat through your neck.. this one is a no brainer.

NO way you will ever notice it in your pack, but boy does it come in handy when layering on those frosty days.. GOT TO LOVE WOOL POWER!
Overall Rating
nice item good price
Review by alan
These are nice little neck warmers. Can't go wrong with wool. There not itchy. Only thing about them is there a little snug on me. I'm a pretty big guy 6'2" 345 lb so that may not be am issue with you. I use these at work when it's real cold and the wind is blowing. They stay put unlike a scarf.

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