Swiss Military Black Leather Gaiters

Swiss Black Leather Gaiters

The Swiss Military Black Leather Gaiters are a pair of vintage leather gaiters from the Swiss army. Strap on a pair of these gaiters and you can keep out the rain, water, snow, and debris while you are hiking or in the field.

Description / Swiss Black Leather Gaiters

Military surplus gaiters are one of the best deals for outdoor gear. These black leather gaiters from the Swiss army are one of the coolest looking gaiters we've ever had. Made from tough black leather, they will stand up to use and abuse in the field. Easy to strap onto your boots with the integrated leather straps, they are as comfortable as they are good looking.

  • Made of Leather
  • Metal buckles
  • Marked with manufacturer and year of manufacture

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Manufacturer Swiss Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Unbelievable deal.
Review by Edwin
Bought these to mate with my US jungle boots to eliminate the need for full leather uppers and man was I right about buying these! I also got a brand new pair! Absolutely incredible, I still have to break these in more but this was one of my better purchases from KS. Highly recommend. These would cost about $75 today.
Bomber Slick Deal
Review by JMurse
These are so cool! They don't fit my size 13 hiking shoes the best but they still hang on and look sweet too. They're cheap, durable, and do the job with a cool touch of historical flair! Thanks KS!
I mean, don't wear them with white sneakers...
Review by Craig
...'cause that would just look silly. Very thick leather. Solid buckles. An interesting fashion choice- I can't think of a time I'd wear these in public, but great for doing work in thicker brush.
Excellent value
Review by Charles
I bought these to wear while riding my Swiss Military MO-93 bike in the rain and for hiking. Heavy construction will last a long time. My first pair purchased was almost new and 30 years old. The second pair was more worn, but Inlike them because they are more flexible, so no wearing in required. Both in great shape. Works on my running shoes and my USMC RAT boots. Should last a long time.
Review by seth
I use mine to keep rocks and snow out of my boots when hiking. Works well and seems bombproof! Make sure to grease yours up for long life with a product like Ekol leather oil or simlar!

These have a lot of of adjustment holes, so they should fit many folks. Those with huge calves beware, though!
Solid Gear
Review by Josh
These are exactly what you see. Thick leather gaiters in great shape for a good price. You will likely have a hard time fitting them on boots with a tennis show like heavy molded sole since those types of boots tend to be "chunkier" but on boots with a more traditional sole they will work just fine.
Good set of gaiters
Review by Ricardo
After an application of black boot polish these gaiters looked good as new. The straps were a little worn but still in excellent condition. Well worth their price and will hold up for a very long time.
Nice product
Review by Richard
Bought these to stop gravel and debris from getting in my hiking shoes. The leather was in good condition, and just needed a little cleaning up with a damp rag. The straps are solid, but well used. There were two rivets that were broken one each gaiter, but I easily replaced them with new rivets bought at a craft store. Now they are solid.
These gaiters are tough as nails and although they are worn, they have a lot of life left in them.
There are nothing like these on the civilian market, and nothing at this low cost.
Excellent buy.
Review by William
I couldn't believe my eyes when i opened the box. Mine were in brand new condition and so heavy. I was expecting cheap wore out junk but the leather was so thick and well made. I have a pair of US jump boots from 1991 and they work perfect on them also gives them a badass look.
Nice Gaiters
Review by GS
These gaiters are in very good condition for their age. Still have plenty of wear left in them. Typical high quality from the Swiss.
Very thick leather, definitely used but worn in so they fit comfortable.
Review by Skm
Very thick leather, definitely used but worn in so they fit comfortable. They'll need some leather treatment but they should last a long time.
Great Protection for Most Boots
Review by Allen
• Thick leather construction means that rips, tears and damage are unlikely, unless you are walking through high grass made of razor blades.
• Heavy buckle construction is sturdy. You can put a lot of weight into tightening the buckles and they don’t break.
• They work as advertised. The heavy leather not only protects your legs from damage, but it keeps mud, dust and other muck off of your boots. This can significantly lengthen the life of your boots.
• The bottom strap that goes underneath the boot is made specifically for Swiss mountain boots. It is designed to loop under the arch. However, if you use boots with no arch in them (such as the old USGI Jungle boots with ripple soles). The strap will not fully fit into the groove of the ripple sole and you will end up walking on, and therefore wearing out the strap.
• The bottom strap can be a bit difficult to cinch down, but it’s not a huge deal. Just put some muscle into it.
Review by Zachary
I bought these for long distance hiking, and was very impressed. The leather is VERY tough, and well made. I can tell right away that these will help protect my ankles on the trail. Could easily last a life time with proper care.

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