Swiss Combat Pack (2-Pack)

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The Swiss combat pack is a military surplus bag that was originally issued to conscripts in the Swiss army. Durable, spacious and ready to serve, these combat packs have no shortage of applications.

As noted, the Swiss combat packs offered by Keepshooting.com are each authentic pieces of Swiss military surplus. Though each pack is sold as used, many appear to be in like new condition as if they were never issued at all, free from the rips, tears, stains and scents that are typically characteristic of military surplus items.

Dating back to the early 1990s, each Swiss combat pack is, as noted, an item that was originally issued to conscripts in the Swiss army. Though not much information regarding the packs is readily available, it is likely safe to assume that these multipurpose bags were often used as ration bags. Lucky for you, your lunch box is state-of-the-art, meaning you can put this bag to plenty of other good uses.

Measuring approximately 8 inches by 7 inches by 3 inches and olive drab in color, the Swiss combat bag offers a generous capacity that is suitable for a number of applications. It is constructed almost entirely from a thin canvas material and covered with a rubberized vinyl coating that offers limited water resistance. A single flap closure offers access to the storage compartment and is secured via a simple but effective buckle system. This simple buckle system can also be found on three other straps located on the rear of the pack that are used to form attachment points. These straps join the multiple belt loops located on the rear of the pack that make hanging the pack from a belt very easy.

One interesting aspect of Swiss military surplus is that all Swiss soldiers, by law of the Swiss militia system, are required to store all army issued equipment, including their personal service weapons, in their homes. This gives each Swiss combat pack a sense of personal history.

Unlike the Swiss conscripts, you will not be pigeonholed into using the Swiss combat pack in any specific manner. The only limitation is your imagination. If you happened to lose your imagination years ago, do not fret, because I have a few suggestions for you. Consider the Swiss combat pack for use as:

- Travel bag - Store your toiletries and other travel essentials when away from home or on-the-go

- Medical kit - Put together a medical kit with medicine, ointments, bandages and other items useful in situations that call for medical attention

- Lunch bag - Carry your lunch to school or work in style as this bag will easily house a stockpile of food

- Range bag - Fill it with ammunition, magazines, optics, safety glasses and just about anything else you need at the shooting range

- Roadside assistance bag - Keep this bag in your vehicle stocked with road flares, small tools, batteries, rope and anything else useful in an emergency situation

- Tool bag – Load this bag up with all of your most used tools, hardware and more

- Much more…

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