Swiss Military Belt Pack – Dual-Pocketed Swiss Surplus Bag

Swiss Military Belt Pack

The Swiss Military Belt Pack is a piece of Swiss army issued gear that is worn on your belt or your load-bearing equipment. This double pouch design pack provides a tremendous amount of storage in a compact design.


Description / Swiss Military Belt Pack

As noted, each Swiss military belt pack offered by is an authentic piece of Swiss military surplus equipment. These belt packs were originally designed for and issued to members of the Swiss armed forces, which consists of the land forces, the air force, a naval patrol and a system for intelligence gathering. More specifically, it is likely that these belt packs were designed for use with the infantry brigades of the Swiss land forces.

Though we are unable to confirm issuance of our Swiss military belt packs, each appears to remain in excellent to like-new condition, and is still fully capable of providing prospective buyers with years of service stateside. Likewise, these belt packs are free from the typical rips, tears, stains and scents that often plague previously issued military surplus equipment. Those looking for a unique piece of Swiss military history or a multi-purpose pack suitable for a variety of applications will find the Swiss military belt pack an excellent buy.

Featuring a simple, yet versatile design, the Swiss military belt pack joins two spacious pouches with a series of canvas straps that makes mounting the pack to a belt or load-bearing system the simplest of tasks. Its rubberized vinyl construction provides for a design that is not only light in weight but extremely durable and weather resistant. That said, each pouch measures approximately nine inches by seven inches by three inches. Each includes an oversized closure flap that offers unobstructed access to the interior, and is secured via a quick-release pull tab.

Originally used to transport field gear, the Swiss military belt pack is now perfect for use as:

- Travel bag

- Medical kit

- Range bag

- Roadside assistance bag

- Much more…

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Manufacturer Swiss Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Larger than expected
Review by JPP
Very well made but much larger than expected. Not sure what I will use them for but if they are not brand new they sure seem like it. They are so well made I will find a use for them one way or another.
A good buy
Review by ben
I'm still trying to figure out how to make this work on the swiss pack. I've seen pics....

Excellent Value!
Review by Uncle Mike
These went well with all the green vinyl surplus I've gotten from KS.European surplus at its finest!
Brand new!
Review by Thomas
My second set arrived promptly from PA and I cannot be happier! Get them before they are gone! Thank you!
compare to Mosin Nagant Pouches
Review by Lucas
like mosin pouches. Great for misc. items! Great price
Get a set before the surplus runs out!
Review by Thomas
Wow my German mess kit fits in one pouch with room to cram other small items and my Stanely canteen fits in the other pouch with more room to add things! These are large pouches and the webbing in the back of the pouches folds and clips under to attach to your belt or harness. Awesome waterproof high quality gear for under $5.00 and they go great with my Swiss M90 rucksack! Thank you Keep shooting and I'm ordering another set.
Better get one befire they are gone!
Review by Thomas
Almost new,waterproof,huge and go great with the Swiss M90 rucksack! I just have to buy a harness to use these. My M31 style Polish mess kit fits inside one with room to spare and I plan on carrying my canteen in the other! Thank you guys and I'm going to order another set next month! Oh and the bottom straps fold over and clip under to hook to a combat belt guys!
Good product, versatile though pricy
Review by David
This is my second set.

I split the first set and managed to fit them as side pockets on the Austrian combat pack. No shortage of attachment  straps on these. That, some ingenuity and alice type clips got it done. Likely the same is possible on other packs, a belt or elsewhere.

Note, if you do so, cut down the center of the middle nylon webbing. Leave the pockets alone. The webbing will unravel afterwards, easy to deal with. Each half set pouch has 2 belt loops, is perfectly usable alone.

I may have gotten the last set. Bummer, this is good and versatile gear.
I want more.
Review by David
Big, complete, complex straps, brand new and all ruberized fabric.
About the same color and protection as the 35L French F2 Rucksack, a good combination, if I can figure out how.
Not Bad for Six Bucks
Review by Daniel
I definitely don't like these on my belt, so I'm sewing up some 1 inch black nylon webbing to attach bags across back of my Swiss ruck and include a quick release buckle. I'll attach to attachment points on side of ruck.
Great for holding small gear
Review by Josh
Ok, so this looks like 2 pouches but it isnt. It is all one piece. It will hold quite a bit but need to either be mounted to a belt or sewn to other gear. It is sort of compatible with MOLLE or PALS, you can make it work. For size you can put 2 soda cans in each section plus other smaller stuff. Worth the $5 for sure.
Great Butt Pack
Review by David
I ordered the FAMAS belt with the FAMAS Harness Suspenders. Combined with the Swiss Army Belt Pack, I can build a nice field/butt pack system with minimum weight and rain-proof.
great bags
Review by don
I bought these to use as butt packs on Alice LBE. One dual pack is about the size or larger, than a US Army butt pack. Like the other reviews say, it has straps to fasten it with the pockets lid on top or turned upright.
Great multi-purpose butt pack
Review by Vincent Clorthos
This Swiss pack is fantastic. A few random points:
- These are brand new, mint condition, and unissued. Mine was dated 1995.
- This is essentially an updated Swiss version of the old British Pattern 58 "kidney pack," or butt pack in US parlance. This style is the best butt pack I've ever found, and the Swiss have improved it greatly.
- The fabric is rubberized nylon, that can be machine washed on cold.
- The closing straps on the bag, and the belt connection straps, are all quick-release "Spanish fly" style.
- There are stitched-down nylon loops on the back. You can use them to attach your pack to an assault vest or belt with Malice-type clips.
- The size is perfect: I've been able to fit binoculars and bird-watching books in one side, and my fleece sweatshirt in the other.
Great Belt pouch
Review by Choice
I love this pouch. Goes great with my Swiss Engineers Rucksack. They are pretty big too. Also they have a great buckle system. GREAT PRICE.
Big pockets
Review by Jesse
This was just the accessory I needed to go with my swiss engineer rucksack. They are the same rubberized canvas and the same od green. The pouch has two huge pockets and straps that can allow you to mount the pack however you can imagine. A super deal on a well constructed belt pouch system....just buy em already...
Great versatile bag
Review by Robert
Great bag but there are other choices for less money. I use mine for hunting but it is bigger than I thought it would be.
Large utility pouch
Review by josh
Larger than expected. They have several straps in every direction, making it possible to mount them in many directions. Each pouch is a simple large chamber pouch, no dividers or extra pockets.

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