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The Swiss Military Belt Pack is a piece of Swiss army issued gear that is worn on your belt or your load-bearing equipment. This double pouch design pack provides a tremendous amount of storage in a compact design.

As noted, each Swiss military belt pack offered by is an authentic piece of Swiss military surplus equipment. These belt packs were originally designed for and issued to members of the Swiss armed forces, which consists of the land forces, the air force, a naval patrol and a system for intelligence gathering. More specifically, it is likely that these belt packs were designed for use with the infantry brigades of the Swiss land forces.

Though we are unable to confirm issuance of our Swiss military belt packs, each appears to remain in excellent to like-new condition, and is still fully capable of providing prospective buyers with years of service stateside. Likewise, these belt packs are free from the typical rips, tears, stains and scents that often plague previously issued military surplus equipment. Those looking for a unique piece of Swiss military history or a multi-purpose pack suitable for a variety of applications will find the Swiss military belt pack an excellent buy.

Featuring a simple, yet versatile design, the Swiss military belt pack joins two spacious pouches with a series of canvas straps that makes mounting the pack to a belt or load-bearing system the simplest of tasks. Its rubberized vinyl construction provides for a design that is not only light in weight but extremely durable and weather resistant. That said, each pouch measures approximately nine inches by seven inches by three inches. Each includes an oversized closure flap that offers unobstructed access to the interior, and is secured via a quick-release pull tab.

Originally used to transport field gear, the Swiss military belt pack is now perfect for use as:

- Travel bag

- Medical kit

- Range bag

- Roadside assistance bag

- Much more…

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