Swiss Military Folding Raincoat – Fits Almost Anywhere, Perfect for Camping or Survival Packs

Swiss Military Folding Raincoat

The Swiss military folding raincoat is an ingenious item that we are proud to add to our store. This authentic Swiss military issue raincoat is extremely water resistant and has a built-in pocket that allows you to fold the raincoat into itself for easy storage when not in use.

Noted for both its light weight and compact size, this raincoat is great for those surprise summer rain showers. It is constructed almost entirely from a thin vinyl material that is both comfortable and extremely water resistant.

Color Green

Description / Swiss Military Folding Raincoat

Perfect for anyone seeking shelter from the rain, the Swiss military folding raincoat is an authentic Swiss military surplus item.

While in its completely unfolded state, you will notice that the raincoat is not only effective, but also quite stylish. Featuring a deep teal color, this raincoat takes on the appearance of an ordinary military overcoat – with a traditional collar, epaulets and a button-down front. There are also two “pass-thru” pockets, one on each side, which provides you with access to any layers of clothing you may have underneath and a vented back that will keep you cool on the hottest days.

The best part of the Swiss military folding raincoat is also its biggest selling point. When you’re done with the raincoat, you can easily fold the coat into itself and store it almost anywhere. The interior has a built-in pocket with snap fasteners that will house the entire jacket. In its completely folded state, the jacket measures approximately 10 inches by 11 inches with a thickness of less than half an inch.

Considering that these raincoats are used military surplus items that date back to the 1980s, they are in excellent cosmetic condition – free from any rips, tears or stains. Like many of the Swiss items we carry, these include an identification tag on the built-in pocket, many of which identify the soldier of issue by name – great for those who enjoy items with a touch of personal history.

Stay dry where ever you go with the Swiss military folding raincoat. It is great for emergency use since it can fit just about anywhere. Keep one under your car seat or even in your glove compartment and ensure your readiness. They are also great for:

- Camping

- Hunting

- Backpacking

- Survival packs

- Daily use

- Gifts

- Much more…

The Swiss military folding raincoat is a great investment at only $5.95 – grab one today!

More Information

Manufacturer Swiss Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Nice for the price
Review by NJ
Lucked out here. Great condition and little if any smell. As other mentioned the arms and on the short side. Based on jackets it seems I have shorter than average arms and I feel the sleeves could be an inch longer. I'm 5' 7, 150lbs and the medium was a decent fit.
Review by Jack
A little big but good value. Works to keep the rain off, and it's a great teal color.
Good coat, short sleeves!
Review by Allen
As others have noted, the sleeves on these raincoats seem to run short... I'm starting to wonder whether that's by design, or whether the Swiss have unusually short arms (although I have noticed the 'short sleeve syndrome' with similarly sized German items)! At 5'11 with some relatively long arms, the sleeves terminate above the wrist by an about 2 inches. I ordered a large, and mine was marked as a size '48 BB'; not sure if that's equivalent to a European size 48. Regardless, it's definitely a well-made item. Mine was manufactured in 1977 according to the tag (which had the previous owner's name on it, so that's pretty neat), yet it still looks brand new. It is very weatherproof with good ventilation thanks to some well-placed vents on the chest and back. If you can accept the sleeves running a bit short, this is a great, compact item that can be discretely tucked away until you need it.
Good coat but sleeves run short for me
Review by David
I am 73 inches tall, and the large size still leaves some of my wrist area exposed. Aside from this, it's a good coat. It repels water well enough, and mine came with another soldier's name tag on it (which I found kind of cool). It is a light weight coat that is vented at the top. I'm keeping mine in my trucks toolbox in case I get a flat in the rain, and I think it will fulfill this role nicely. Have fun finding a quality rain jacket for this price or less out in town that will last you as long as this one probably will.
Great little piece
Review by Michael
Jacket is a smaller style Large. Beautiful deep emerald green color.

Mine came basically un-issued and un-used condition. Made from heavy duty material (Swiss surplus is always great). Has a breathable vent in the back which comes in real handy.

In short, there are a lot of pricey raincoats and jackets out there. This one is a fantastic option for those on a budget. Price is extremely hard to beat, for a really well made and simply put "cool" looking item.
disappointed (Swiss Military Folding Raincoat)
Review by Linda
The rain coat is good quality and fit perfect,but very disappointed with the mold musty smell,i try all type of tips possible to get rid of the musty smell,nothing kill that musty mold basement smell,this raincoat end up to the goodwill because the musty smell still there even after i wash the rain coat 5 times and air it for days,i try vinegar,lemon you named anything that suggest to kill that musty smell nothing helped, I'm glad that i didn't order other thing,i suspect the musty strong smell and possible mold might be in most of those clothing gears.If you're very sensitive with musty smell you might want think twice before you buy this.
Smells like mold
Review by Denise
This coat is in good shape but has a horrible musty smell and washing it several times didn't get rid of it.
Great value - buy this before you get that plastic junk from Wal-Mart
Review by RB
Ordered the large and it fits me well. I am 6' and 190 lb. Glad I didn't get the XL. This zips into its own attached pouch. The pouch was a little faded and marked with the former Swedish owner's name, but inside was like new. I would be surprised if these were taken into the field even once, and almost certain they weren't worn. I could not find a single hole or loose stitch on them. Mine were made in the '80s. Will be great to have if it rains on my next trip, and easy to carry a couple of these in a day pack with minimal use of space.
Review by Jonathan
Light, very water resistant, and the way it folds into the pouch makes it way easier to carry around than most raincoats, mine was from 1971 if I remember right, great purchase
great emergency poncho
Review by michael
Jackets comes folded into it's pouch. Our had a soldiers name and address on it. Dated 1969. Material is light weight, but very water resistant. it is vented across back of shoulders.
Great size keep on you
Review by kenneth
I did not know what to expect when I order this. Boy was I in for a great deal it fit me like a glove and I can't wait to use. It if even fits in my cargo pocket or I can leave it in my truck for those unexpected rains storms.
Depends on what you are using it for.
Review by Manyclunkers
I have had one of these for quite a few years now. The advantage of this rain coat is that it folds up small, which means you are more likely to take it with you than say something larger and heavier. This raincoat is good to throw in an oversized pocket or pack so when those Summer showers pop up you can get back to someplace dry quickly However I have gotten caught out in some good rain in mine and eventually I got soaked right through the rain coat. Although in all honesty I probably should treat mine with some sort of silicone weather proofing spray. Basically these are good for what Keepshooting is selling them for and work for a light downpour but don't expect to reenact the movie the Perfect Storm with one and keep dry.
Its Swiss need I say more.
Review by Bobby
High quality and nice looking. Can't buy a poncho at Walmart for $6.00 Fits just right in my G.O.D bag

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