Swiss Shoe Cleaning Kit

The Swiss are widely recognized for one thing – fine craftsmanship. After all, Switzerland's main economic sector is manufacturing. And whether it is rich, delicious chocolate or precision timepieces, you can count on the quality of all your Swiss-made products. Today, that product happens to be an old military surplus Swiss shoe cleaning kit. Just because the Swiss are not renowned for their good looks and snazzy sense of fashion does not mean they are incapable of producing a shoe cleaning kit that will have you looking your best every time you step out of the house. In fact, this cleaning kit proves quite the contrary.

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Each Swiss shoe cleaning kit is a completely original Swiss military surplus product. Sure, they may have cleaned a few boots in their days, evidenced by frayed brushes, but they stand ready to serve for years to come. They are in good working condition though they may show signs of usage and wear. Great for polishing your footwear or tossing in the military surplus collection, the Swiss shoe cleaning kit is sure to please.

The Swiss shoe cleaning kit contains all of the following items:

- Two polish applicators

- Three buffing brushes

- Polish

- Buttons

- Thread

- Much more…

Each item is packed neatly into a rubber carrying case with fabric ties that will secure the cleaning kit.

Whether you are looking for clean Sunday shoes or a way to reinvigorate the shoeshine stands of yesteryear, the Swiss shoe cleaning kit is an excellent way to do it. Pick one up today for the low price of $3.95.

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Customer Reviews

Great greasy shoegrease.
Review by seth
Verified Buyer
Simple and used polish and brush sets. With some cleaning these will be great! Expect them to be grimy and covered in grease, but functional.
Great Kit!
Review by George
Verified Buyer
Very functional and complete as a kit, for a price you cannot beat! Keep in mind you are not getting a new kit, these are used, the brushes are in a state as you would expect them if used 7-8 times. Most supplies are 60-80 percent there, otherwise. My first order came with some missing items, but the customer service more than made it up by sending a second kit, with everything inside, but again, with all items used 60-80 percent. You will need to put some elbow grease and clean the brushes, just as you will surely have to do every time after you use them.
More than a shoe care kit
Review by Jim K.
Verified Buyer
Simply put, this is a good deal, the pouch alone , without contents, is ideal for a small toiletry kit or such. The kit has a "shine" brush, "clothes" brush, and a "shoe" brush, a special shape stick for cleaning soles of the boot or shoe, a block of leather treatment, a double spool of green and OD thread, 4 nice quality needles, a "polish" applicator brush, a "grease" applicator brush, and a couple of tubes of polish, black, neutral, or both. A handy item that is a must have, especially at the price.
Awesome Value
Review by SurplusCollector
Verified Buyer
I bought 2 of these mainly for just the polish, but I was blown away by all of the other stuff you get with each kit. 3 large cleaning scrubs/brushes, 2 applicators, 2-3 polishing cream tubes, thread and buttons. Plus, the kits themselves are pretty large.

Its pretty much all there, but with one kit I got 2 tubes of polish, the other kit had 4. One kit was dated '82, other kit didn't have a date. Most of all, the polish still works and I got a good shine on my boots!
a little overkill
Review by kyle
Verified Buyer
This kit is awesome but a little overkill I mean you can absolutely keep your boots alive for a long Time with this kit but I am mainly using it as a shoe polish kit for witch it is amazing however for the price of one ton of kiwi oil you get an entire kit witch honestly just the bag it comes with is worth it I've turns mine into a toiletry kit and its great to have such an organized. Kit in my daypack or bug out bag
item arrived in new condition
Review by Robert
Verified Buyer
had ordered two of these kits earlier when I received them they were not complete and were not in good condition, when I spoke with customer service they quickly sent me out two more which were in perfect condition, this company does stand behind there products, and I give the a 5-star for customer service, thanks for taking care of me like a customer
One Complete Kit
Review by Logan
Verified Buyer
I bought this on a whim and I'm glad I did. This is one complete kit and for the price it is one heck of a deal. Everything was in great condition and it actually works and polishes really well. I'm impressed.
Good product
Review by John
Verified Buyer
Good kit to get it had everything i needed 1 brush was caked with black shoe polish but it cleaned up very happy
Shine them boots solider
Review by Marcus
Verified Buyer
Great kit mine was complete. has enough items to shine three different color of shoe/leather Black , Brown, White. Nice item to restore old military leather Items.
Well worn but not totally useless!!!
Review by RyanC
Verified Buyer
I'm something of a mens clothing expert, including the finest dress shoes and outdoor gear. Their is no way any of the brushes(with the exception of the soft polishing cloth) will touch my Romano Martegani's! They may work on my GI boots after cleaning with mineral spirits.
This was clearly a case of getting what i payed for. I was hoping for an UBER bargain and it was still an awesome deal and I'm happy but also disappointed. It's a whole kit for the price of a CharBucks fancy coffee! The bottom line is this kit is VERY WORN. I'm praying that mineral spirits will help the brushes that are caked with old polish/creme.
. It does come with 2 tubes of high quality Black schuhcreme(ShoeCream) 1 of which is almost gone and the other which is full and sealed(sweet). Perfect for G.I. boots.
To bad I don't have Swiss military surplus clothes to go with the
God bless.

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