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The Swiss are widely recognized for one thing – fine craftsmanship. After all, Switzerland's main economic sector is manufacturing. And whether it is rich, delicious chocolate or precision timepieces, you can count on the quality of all your Swiss-made products. Today, that product happens to be an old military surplus Swiss shoe cleaning kit. Just because the Swiss are not renowned for their good looks and snazzy sense of fashion does not mean they are incapable of producing a shoe cleaning kit that will have you looking your best every time you step out of the house. In fact, this cleaning kit proves quite the contrary.

Gone are the days of shoe shines. We have arrived an in age where smudged, dirty shoes are tossed by the wayside and frequently replaced with new shoes. Hang on to those shreds of the old days by picking up's new Swiss shoe cleaning kit. Never again will your mom or commanding officer shoot you dirty looks due to your dirty shoes. These original Swiss military surplus items contain a number of essential items for getting your shoes, boots and other footwear cleaner than the day you got them.

Forget the shoe polish named after those flightless birds from New Zealand and grab a proven Swiss shoe cleaning kit – available now for only $3.95.

Each Swiss shoe cleaning kit is a completely original Swiss military surplus product. Sure, they may have cleaned a few boots in their days, evidenced by frayed brushes, but they stand ready to serve for years to come. They are in good working condition though they may show signs of usage and wear. Great for polishing your footwear or tossing in the military surplus collection, the Swiss shoe cleaning kit is sure to please.

The Swiss shoe cleaning kit contains all of the following items:

- Two polish applicators

- Three buffing brushes

- Polish

- Buttons

- Thread

- Much more…

Each item is packed neatly into a rubber carrying case with fabric ties that will secure the cleaning kit.

Whether you are looking for clean Sunday shoes or a way to reinvigorate the shoeshine stands of yesteryear, the Swiss shoe cleaning kit is an excellent way to do it. Pick one up today for the low price of $3.95.

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