Synergy Mini Comp 5.56 for 14.5" Barrels

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The Synergy Mini Comp 5.56 for 14.5" Barrels by SLR Rifleworks is designed to be used with AR rifles that feature a 14.5" long barrel. Once attached your rifle will now have a barrel that is 16.1" overall length and will have a high performance muzzle brake attached to help increase accuracy and improve the overall look of your AR rifle.

The Synergy Mini Comp 5.56 for 14.5" Barrels helps achieve two goals for your next AR build that features a 14.5" barrel. First and foremost the compensator helps bring the overall length of your barrel up to 16.1" which removes any questions about whether or not it needs to be registered as a short barreled rifle. Second and just as essential, this compensator will give your rifle a performance increase that can't be found with a traditional military flash hider.

  • Melonite QPQ Finish
  • No ports on Bottom - Reduces Ground Blast
  • .252 Bore
  • .852 Biameter
  • 1/2x28tpi Threading
  • Adds 1.6" to the Barrel
  • Includes Crush Washer
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