SZCO Bowie Knife with Sheath

The SZCO Bowie Knife with Sheath is a classic style Bowie Knife made from high-strength carbon steel.  Since 1830 the design that is now recognized as a Bowie knife has been tested and proven to deliver results on and off the field. This SZCO made Bowie is a great example of this timeless design and you'll be proud to own and use this knife. 

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  1. SZCO Bowie Knife with Sheath
  2. Made from Carbon Steel
  3. Blade Length: 10 inches
  4. Handle Length: 5 inches
  5. Overall Length: 15 inches
  6. Ideal All-Purpose Bowie Knife
  7. Solid Wood Handle with Brass Cross Guard
  8. UPC: 801608028584
SZCO Bowie Knife - Features and Details
SZCO Bowie Knife - Features and Details 2
More Information
Overall Rating
This product is the definition of "Made in China"
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This is a very bad knife. It comes out of the box filthy, it has a coating of corrosion on it that is not shaved but instead flakes away, the "sheath" is garbage, and the overall quality of this is so bad that I wouldn't even use it to put an extra hammerhead bit on my grinder, let alone take it camping. The blade, as advertised, has very good balance and a nice point. That's about it. You can literally feel how sloppy the edge is when you run your finger along the cutting edge. There is nothing even vaguely acceptable about this "product". Don't waste your money.
Overall Rating
This is an awesome little knife for the price
Review by Keepshooting Customer
It came with the shine of someone who just polished it, if it's possible to polish stainless steel? Well, not a smooth shine but it's polished for sure. It has a protective finish of wax or something on the blade that makes it look shiny, you'll need to remove it if you're gonna oil the blade. The blade is a bit thick for the tang but it's just enough to make it easy to hold. This is the big attraction for me. My other bowies have tangs too short for me to get a solid purchase on the knife. This bowies is 100% solid when you hold it. It's like an American Bowie with the 4" - 4.5" blade length.
Overall Rating
Sweet value
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Great big ol hunk of black metal, handle looks serviceable, but needs better protection from the elements.
Overall Rating
52-53" sheath knife
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Bought as part of "vintage" bowie knife for 6.50 to hang on wall. Sheath appears as described, 52" (measured to end of the handle but does not fit standard size "sawbacks" even the largest) shaped leather has been "cut" from sheath for easier access. Blade looks used, there is black soot around end of the edge, which indicates that is has seen use, which it was intended to do. No matter if it is used for hanging on wall or using, very good bargain for the price. I plan to keep and have a conversation piece to use as decoration.
Overall Rating
For $30 it's okay
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Good knife, great value for the price
Overall Rating
Great bowie for a reasonable price
Review by Keepshooting Customer
First, I will be the first to say this knife is definitely a piece of China. But that doesn't mean its not useful. After all it has become what we have today and I am proud to have Chinese in my family, and very close with them at that. Anyways, this bowie has plenty of surface area to grip and feels very well made. I'm guessing the handle was added after the metal, which is okay because a good craftsman can make any material his own. It does seem to be an afterthought though and I wouldn't hold it up as a selling point. Now I don't use my bowie often, I keep it as more of a collection piece and if I needed to do any cutting, its always at my disposal in my tool box at home. I do take it camping every once in a while but I would never put it through the rigors of real field testing because it is not the kind of knife you would go to war with. The tip does seem to be pointy enough to stab, it just may be worth it for self defense, but again, I would not go that route with it because I do take it camping and if it did that kind of damage to anything, it would definitely rust up there pretty quick. The grip seems okay and would be pretty nice if the handle was glued on. The edge came sharp, although the blade does seem a bit dull. I took a long ceramic rod and reprofiled the edge and the cutting edge looks really good now. After working with it, I can say it feels great in the hand. For the price, this is the kind of bowie you would take out on the trail.
Overall Rating
Tough as leather Bowie Knife
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Excellent Value Bowie Knife that arrived very sharp with only minimal blue staining on both sides of the knife and grip! Perfect length to wield! Can get some leather for a sheath or do a knife belt and use! Will last a lifetime as a utility knife that you can chop small logs with. This heavy duty Bowie will chop almost anything! No nonsense as well. The sheath is sturdy and very functional, yet functional as a leg harness! High quality bowie knife, very good sheath.
Overall Rating
Razor sharp knife, the most unpolished and rugged, yet attractive and functional piece of kni....
Review by Keepshooting Customer
razor sharp. Shows slight signs of use, kni edge as dull as it gets, great factory set edge
Overall Rating
Awesome knife, got two of them, once sharpens well, nice craftsmanship
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This is my second SZCO Bowie, got a used SZCO Arkansas Bowie last week as well. Both awesome quality, the newer ones with black handle and lighter color (vs brass) pommel, a little nicer IMO. This will likely be my everyday carry knife for work in the woods, sharp enough to clean, pry and slice most stuff you can throw at it. Good durability, very nice quality overall, nice heavy handle. One edge needed a bit more work, but it holds a good sharp edge for my purpose. Would purchase again and will, though I think I'll wait for another "as is" condition sale, since I got my second for a bit less than half the retail for my first one, and don't see any discount for my newest. Great price and very very good overall quality. Buy it.
Overall Rating
Great value
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I was skeptical at first but this turned out to be great! It's a good size and weight and came pretty sharp.

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