TAPCO AK-47 Magazine

TAPCO AK-47 Magazine

Retaining everything but the original materials, the TAPCO® AK-47 magazine is a composite 30-round magazine designed for the AK-47 and any other Kalashnikov-patterned variant chambered for the 7.62x39mm cartridge. With the magazine, TAPCO® somehow managed to improve upon perfection. Now, you have the opportunity to not only pick up a magazine that is both durable and reliable, but add three United States 922r-compliant parts while doing so.
Color Black

Description / TAPCO AK-47 Magazine

The TAPCO® AK-47 magazine is a TAPCO®-produced magazine for the AK-47 platform and any of the Kalashnikov-patterned variants chambered for the 7.62x39mm cartridge. The magazine is designed to hold and feed 30 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition to your rifle, just like the military original.

Featuring a reinforced composite body with a black finish, the Tapco magazine is immune from rust or other corrosion. Inside the body of each magazine is a heavy duty steel spring and an anti-tilt follower. These internal features guarantee continuous reliability and performance from this all-American AK-47 magazine.

  • Designed for AK-47 Rifles and AK-47 Pistols
  • Holds 30-Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammunition
  • Made in America by TAPCO
  • Counts as Three 922(R) Compliant Parts

Customer Reviews

Very sturdy
Review by Paul
Good value. Lightweight and sturdy
Solid mag for the $
Review by Josh
Works smoothly in my AES-10B Heavy Barrel AK-47 Sniper Rifle. I'll take a polymer mag over a metal one any day. One good dent and your metal mag can be useless. Tapco mags are durable, well-made and a good value. Made in USA!
Well Made!!
Review by Michael
A well made mag that fits good and tight. I am well satisfied with this purchase.
Well Made Mag
Review by Michael
This mag is well made.Fits and functions well in my Ak47. A great price for a quality mag and made in the USA is a plus also.
Great price on a solid, well-fitting magazine.
Review by Jeffrey
Fits great even in my WASR-10. Well made. Can't beat the price.
great buy ! price makes it even better.
Review by Jared
As the other writers have posted nothing beats a metal surplus mag but these come close. Great fit. Zero wobble. Functions at 100% ,and takes a pretty good beating to boot. You won't go wrong with this purchase.
Great Mag!
Review by Jose
Super Mag! Inexpensive light weight and reliable. Just cant be beat. Buy them.
Great mags, better price
Review by Conrad
You always hear that notorious "mag wobble" come up when speaking about the Romanian WASR-10 AK-47. Well believe me when I say that mag wobble is a thing of the past. The thicker design of the TAPCO magazine allows basically no room for movement.
Along with that, the mags did not fail to feed as I sent round after round down range!
Finally, as far as price is concerned, these TAPCO magazines are by far the best value of any high capacity magazine on the market. Great job yet again keepshooting!
Great Backup
Review by J
These mags are a great value, but I still prefer the steel mags. For me, the steel mags have performed more reliably and do not cost much more than these poly mags. If this were all that was available, I'd have no problems going with these.
Great mags
Review by Guy
These mags are as close as you can get to the performance of the steel mags, in polymer form. Highly recommend.
Not bad for a poly mag
Review by RemMax
Like the other reviewer I'm generally not to fond of Poly mags, especially the older Tapcos!
That being said I have a nice collection on mags for both my AK47's and my AK74's Most of ,y 47 mags are the mil-surp Metal mags.
However I ended up with three of these mags here and was pleasantly surprised when I put them in my various AK's and RPK's.
In short they fit in all of my guns without any issues, I enjoy building AK's more than I do shooting them but even so I do shoot them from time to time and every time I have gone out if I take a different AK from my last trip to the range, I take these mags with them to try them out.
As of now I have not had a single issue with them in any of my Ak's which all come from various countries ranging from a Bulgy Krinkov to a Yugo and a Russian RPK, Bulgarian and Romy G's And these mags have fired as faithfully as my metal mags in everyone of my guns to date.
In short I still prefer the metal Mil-surp mags when I can get them but if I ever find myself needing more Ak mags and can't get Mil-surp I will definitely buy these again.
It does seem that being a poly mag that is made in America they should be a good bit cheaper but with the political atmosphere today I guess we're lucky we can still buy high cap mags at all!
I would definitely recommend these to anyone who either just likes Poly mags or cant find mil-surp mags.
They are worth the money as they do function without fail and stand up to abuse quite well at the same time.
I know I tested one of my Russian style just to see (Russian soldiers do pushups on there ak's with them sitting only on the mag).
Overall Tapco has come a long way since they first started and these mags prove it.
Fits like a glove
Review by Michael
I had read that these mags sometimes need some tweaking to get a good fit. I tried them in multiple milled and stamped AK 47 receivers with no problems at all. They fit perfect and clicked into place easily right out of the package. Normally, I opt for metal mags over poly ones but these are some of the best made poly mags on the market.

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