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The TASER Pulse is the newest product from Taser International. With a sub-compact profile, full strength power, the PULSE is the ideal personal protective device to ensure you can defend yourself from criminals and threats. With proven stopping power, universal recognition by society, if you need to pull your PULSE to defend yourself criminals will know you mean business.

The TASER Pulse is the latest evolution in the revolutionary TASER line. With the Pulse, TASER has now taken the TASER from being a belt worn duty item for police and reduced it in size to be a concealed carry protective device. Never has there been a less-lethal device that has been this light weight, compact, and powerful until now. Taser International has achieved all of these innovations without sacrificing any of the features or stopping power that has allowed the TASER to revolutionize law enforcement.

With the TASER Pulse you are getting a complete self defense package that includes the Pulse, two cartridges, a target, lithium battery pack, and storage pouch. Taser encourages new owners to try out their Pulse and with registration will replace it if you need to drop it to evade a dangerous situation. Your Pulse has a number of features that make it desirable and effective for concealed carry. With a subcompact design and intuitive user interface, those who have carried pistols will be comfortable with the Pulse immediately. The pulse has shaved safeties and angled iron sights for no-snag drawing and more comfortable carry. The integrated laser allows immediate targeting as soon as you flip the safety switch.

Taser International has a commitment to their customers safety that is demonstrated by the "Safe Escape Product Replacement Program" which has been a staple of TASERS corporate policy since inception. If you use your Pulse in self defense and leave it at the scene, TASER will replace the device free of charge. This allows you to incapacitate your attacker for 30 seconds and make an escape to safety without worrying about retrieving your Pulse.

  • 15-Foot Range with Back-up Stun Gun
  • Lithium Battery - Light Weight and User Replaceable
  • Weighs Only 1/2 Pound
  • Includes Two Live Cartridges, Conductive Target, Battery Pack, and Pulse Unit
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