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The new telescopic police baton is a collapsible police baton intended for self-defense. Both easy to use and easy to carry, our telescopic police batons come in three different sizes: 16 inches, 21 inches and 26 inches – each of which features a solid steel construction.

Grab your telescopic police baton today!

The telescopic police baton is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a non-lethal alternative when it comes to self-defense. The telescopic police batons offered by Keepshooting.com are built strong using hand-forged steel before being given a sleek black finish. There is also a hardened rubber grip with a no-slip texture that is very comfortable. Each brand new baton benefits from a light weight and is very easy to use.

To use, simply flick your wrist forcefully to achieve a full extension of the baton, which works based on a friction lock. When ready to re-holster, strike the end of the baton on a solid surface to collapse it. For best results, the use of a mild lubricant is recommended.

As noted, the telescopic police baton is available in three different sizes: 16 inches, 21 inches and 26 inches. When collapsed, the 16-inch baton measures approximately 6 1/2 inches, the 21-inch baton measures approximately eight inches when collapsed and the 26-inch baton measures approximately 9 1/2 inches.

Additionally, there is a nylon sheath included with every baton, which is designed to protect the baton when not in use. This military-grade sheath is resistant to both mold and mildew, serving to protect your baton even when carried through the most undesirable conditions.

The telescopic police baton is not your sister's twirling baton. As such, you would do well to keep it far away from any dancing and gymnastics. We do, however, recommend it for any of the following:

- Police and law enforcement

- Self-defense and personal protection

- Collectors

- Gifts

- Much more…

Starting at only $19.95, we do not expect these telescopic police batons to last long.

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Overall Length16", 21" or 26"
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