The Betty LC9 Holster

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The Betty is a inside-the-waistband tuckable right-handed holster for the Ruger LC9. With a fully adjustable cant, you can carry your Ruger LC9 in the Betty in the position you feel most comfortable with.

The Betty may very well be the most versatile holster in existence. Originally designed to be worn inside the waistband, this simple thermoplastic shell with an adjustable-cant clip has a myriad of other uses! The clip is super strong while the retention of the gun in the holster is very light (just enough grab for safety). This means that no matter where you clip your Betty, when you pull your gun the holster stays put.

The Betty can really be clipped anywhere as long as it has enough support to keep the clip at the angle you want. Our suggestions include:

  • Inside the waistband - Cross draw, Appendix carry, String Side, Small of the Back
  • Inside the top of a cowboy boot
  • Inside a pocket in your purse or bag
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