TIHK HK2 Handcuff Key

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The TIHK HK2 Handcuff Key is the second generation Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key. Designed to be a discreet and easily concealed handcuff key, the TIHK HK2 will give you the ability to covertly store a handcuff key to help free you in the event of an unlawful detention.

The TIHK Hk2 Handcuff Key is designed to be the world's smallest concealed non-metal handcuff key. With the improvements made in this second generation key, you can easily attach the key to belt loops, shirt sleeves, or other easily reached locations where it will stay secured. Should you find yourself unlawfully restrained with handcuffs, the TIHK HK2 key will be ready to unlock the handcuffs that are being used to restrain you. This key also makes an excellent backup handcuff key for police or security officers who are issued handcuffs for duty use.

  • Integrated Clip - Attach to Belt Loop or Other Parts of Clothing
  • Inconspicuous - Textured Surface, All Black, Stealthy Contours Help Avoid Detection
  • Minuscule Size - Only 0.8" long by 0.28" tall and 0.16" thick
  • Lightweight - Barely Moves Scale to 0.01oz
  • Universal - Designed to Open Virtually All Handcuffs That Use Universal Key Style Keys (Smith & Wesson, Peerless, etc.)
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