Trumark Fiber Optic FSX-2000 Slingshot

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The Trumark FSX-2000 Slingshot features fiber-optic sights that will drastically improve your accuracy with your slingshot. This patented sighting system is only found on the Trumark FSX-2000 and no other slingshot has this easy-to-use and incredibly effective system.

The Trumark FSX-2000 is a fully featured slingshot that is designed for professionals who want to take their slingshot accuracy to the next level. With the FSX-2000 fiber optic sits, it is possible to shoot accurately and hit your target with greater frequency. This system for sighting on a slingshot is unique to Trumark and once you familiarize yourself with how it works, you'll appreciate how easy it is to sight in and hit targets every time.

In addition to the fiber optic sights, the FSX-2000 includes a unique ground recoil stabilizer. This stabilizer is easy to remove with just the press of a button, which then transforms the FSX-2000 into a more mobile slingshot. With these accuracy enhancements that come standard with the FSX-2000, you will have more enjoyment with your slingshot. You can also take pride in knowing that the FSX-2000, like all Trumark products, is Made in the USA.

  • Fiber Optic Sights
  • Rotating Front Prongs - Reduce Powerband Fatigue
  • Aluminum Rust Proof Frame
  • Light Weight Design
  • Removable Ground Recoil Stabilizer
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