Trumark Folding FS-1 Slingshot

This Trumark Folding FS-1 Slingshot is compact and ready to deliver great shooting and hunting performance for you. Its versatility and performance along with a great price are the reason why this is one of the best selling slingshots in the world. No other slingshot has the capability of holding ammunition in the handle, making this another Trumark exclusive.

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The Trumark FS-1 is the flagship folding slingshot in the Trumark line of slingshots. Constructed from a rust proof aluminum frame, the FS-1 will allow you to get outdoors and have some real fun with your slingshot. With the FS-1 slingshot, you have a versatile slingshot that is designed for maximum accuracy, minimal maintenance, and loads of fun.

Like all Trumark brand slingshots, the FS-1 is made in the USA. The FS-1 is designed to use the Trumark latex powerbands, which are capable of 225 yard ranges with 232 ft/sec velocity. You can store extra ammo or other small items in the hollow handle, which easily opens by flipping the valve found on the bottom.

  • Made in the USA
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Folding, Light Weight Design
  • Split-Leather Ammo Pouch
  • Padded Wrist Support - Reduces Felt Recoil
Overall Rating
Squirrel "Hunting"
Review by Bob
keeps the squirrels out of my garden and out of my yard ... love the hollow handle that stores the rounded stones I shoot at the squirrels ... great for "hunting" other critters like opossums and raccoons that try eating cat food after dark from our back door cat bowls !!!
Overall Rating
Replacing 1960s model I lost...
Review by Dino
I'm looking forward to receiving the new folding model to replace the my old Wrist Rocket which was lost in a recent move. We invented all sorts of ways to have fun with these things, one of which involved shooting cherry bombs into the air! They're also accurate with larger ball ammo.

Notice, I said ''looking forward to receiving'' my new one. I ordered the new sling, plus some tracer ammo and bands over a week ago. it took several days to provide a tracking number and the shipper, FedEx, couldn't be slower. Parcel post ground freight every worker is having a bad would have been here by now with USPS. This is like Amazon Free Shipping, where the last day of a really big time window is when you get your order...except it's a $5.99 charge. The same time I placed this order, I also bought a few hundred ball bearings from another site and some targets from yet another. Those items both arrived in three of a few minutes ago, my sling is languishing in a FedEx distribution point in Indiana. That's pathetic...
Overall Rating
A great first slingshot
Review by Gerald
Got tired of walking by the Daisy slingshots at Wally World. Finally decided to go look up entry level slingshots and landed at the FS-1. Got this along with 500 rounds of 1/4" BB's. If this is your first slingshot, then I highly recommend at least 3/8" BB's or tracer rounds. My slingshot had one 3/8" tracer round in the handle already, and it was far easier to fire than the little 1/4" BB's. I lost it after a few shots, so I will certainly need to get more. All in all I'm more than happy with my purchase, and am always grabbing this thing to bring out back to my range alongside my firearms.
Overall Rating
Had one when I was kid
Review by Craig
I sure enjoyed a slingshot as a boy so when I saw this I had to get one. I like the folding brace for compact storage and the ability to store shot in the handle. Watch out cans!
Overall Rating
Fun and Practical
Review by Infidel
I bought one of these to shoot cans in the backyard. It is also a good non-lethal way of deterring aggressive dogs on our nightly walks.
Overall Rating
Great Slingshot
Review by Timothy
Very light weight and easy to pull back! Takes a bit of practice to be able to shoot accurately but still is lots of fun to use!
Overall Rating
I can't believe finally own a slingshot
Review by John
Looks great - feels great - I read other reviews and loaded up with extra 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch steely's . I really like the handle storage too
... a great utilitarian toy ...
Overall Rating
Review by Richard
This is my first slingshot and I have had a great deal of fun with it. It is as accurate as you are, well constructed, good leather pouch, and a good rubber band for learning on -- it's not too hard to pull, but not really easy either. It shoots hard and far. I suspect if I wanted to take down a pesky squirrel in the garden it would do the trick. Luckily, I have a cat for chasing away pests. Nonetheless it's a good item for SHTF preppers to consider as a useful tool -- as ammo is as easy to find as rocks are.
Overall Rating
Very nice
Review by Jason
Lightweight and very accurate.
Overall Rating
Great buy
Review by Kenny
Great slingshot and very accurate

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