Trumark Slingshot Replacement Band

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This Trumark RR1 Slingshot Replacement Band is designed to fit most tubular design slingshots. The bands are made from high quality surgical latex-tubing and are cut from one length of tubing so that they are matched for tournament shooting. You don't need any tool to install the band. All you need is a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

These RR-1 Slingshot Bands are packaged air-tight to prevent deterioration before installation. If you are powerful and skillful enough, the band can shoot up to 225 yard.

How To Install this Trumark RR1 Slingshot Band
- First, remove the old bands by rolling them off the prongs with the thumb or heel of hand. If the fork is made of aluminum, please inspect the prong-ends closely for nicks or scratches. If any are found, you can remove them by polishing the prong-ends with very fine steel wool or sandpaper.
- Second, dip the new slingshot band ends into approximately 1/8 inch of ordinary rubbing alcohol that does not contain glycerin.
- Third, slip the bands about one inch onto the prong-ends. Make sure both ends are slipped on an equal distance!
- Fourth, Immediately (before the alcohol can dry) turn the entire one inch of rubber that has been slipped onto the prongs until the leather pouch is adjusted properly and "sits" straight.
- Lastly, please allow the new slingshot band to dry for 24 hours. Do not shoot or pull the band at all until the alcohol is fully dry.

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