Trumark Slingshot Tracer Ammo

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The Trumark SA50 Slingshot Tracer Ammunition is made from 1/2" marbles that are pearl white for easy visibility. These slingshot marbles are designed to be easy to follow through the air to see where your aim is hitting. You can quickly spot hits, ricochets, and near misses to improve your accuracy with your slingshot. Each package contains 72 tracers.

Trumark TRACER brand slingshot ammo is easy to see and quick to center in your slingshots pouch. The large size and smooth surface of each 1/2 inch marble allows your slingshot to be pulled back slowly without experiencing wrist fatigue. Once you fire off one of these tracers, you'll appreciate how easy they are to see while in flight and when they hit their mark.

Since these TRACER brand projectiles are easy to see, you can collect them to reuse them over and over again. They will not deform like most other slingshot ammo will after just one shot. You will quickly become a better slingshot marksman by using these tracers to improve your aim with your slingshot.

  • Premium Slingshot Tracer Ammo
  • Made by Trumark Manufacturing in Colorado
  • 1/2" Diameter Marbles
  • 72 Tracers per Pack
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