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TT-33 Magazine

Each single-stack, eight-round TT-33 magazine offered by is designed to hold and feed eight rounds of 7.62x25mm Tokarev ammunition to your pistol. Guaranteed to fit and function in your TT-33, these magazines are a must-have accessory for any TT-33 owner.
Color Black

Description / TT-33 Magazine


  • TT-33 Magazine
  • Caliber: 7.62x25mm
  • Capacity: 8 Rounds

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Excellent Mag
Review by Redstick707
I bought 3 of these mags for a Romania TT-C made in 1953. Excellent fit and function. Great price for after market mag for this model Tokarev.
Terrible aftermarket mags
Review by Howard
I bought 3 magazines and every one of the mags drops out after chambering the first riund. The 2 original mags that came with the Tok have no issues. I would not recommend the purchase of these aftermarket magazines
Extra Mag.
Review by John
Worked and fit perfectly, not a single problem at range. I put 50rds. through it and worked just like original. Will be buying a few more in future. Sorry hai tao had a problem but I would advise anyone who needs an extra to consider this one.
Work just as well as original
Review by Josh
Best price I've found on Tokarev mags. The one I bought works just as well as the original that came with the gun. Thanks Keep Shooting!
Bad luck here
Review by hai tao
Bought two mag, One works smoothly, but the other one not working. First I thought it is spring problems then I found out it's the small metal plate connected to the spring has not been done with correct angle, so the spring can't get into correct angle. When I loaded ammo, it's need more strength and then you will find the spring can't get back. So when I wanted to fix by myself I broke the small part of the metal plate, is there any website sell the accessories of magazines.
Low Price, Great Value
Review by Peter
I ordered one of these magazines for my Romanian Tokarev. It works as good as my original surplus magazine. It fed fmg and jhp rounds smoothly. Best price I could find on the internet.
Great Quality
Review by Jason
I ordered two mags for my polish ttc and they function really well. They are sturdy and well built. They fit just as good as the mag that came with the gun. I am very pleased with the quality and price of these magazines.
Works with Polish Tok
Review by Michael
Nice quality and great price. Goes really well with my new Polish Tok -- and seems to function perfectly.
Great mags, great price!
Review by Anthony
These mags work just as well as the original surplus mags. No problems what so ever.
Great price and quick shipping. You have a happy customer here!
Nice Mags
Review by RemMax
I had 4 of these from before and just recently ordered 5 more for my Rommy Tok33, These are brand new mags that fit and feed as good as they look
And they look Really Nice!
Overall as good as any of my surplus mags and being new with a nice finish is just a pus
Liked them well enough I bought 5 more to give me a total of 10 mags for my TT33
Great mag

Good product
Review by KP Duty
These are hard to tell apart from an original surplus magazine. That would be a problem if they didn’t work like an original, thankfully they do, and at a lower price.
Review by Michael
function perfect, just the same as the original magazine that came with it from Romania in 1953. Will buy more when the time comes.
Flawless function after almost a year of use so far
Review by Justin
I ordered 4 of these mags for my Polish 1952 Tokarev, they all fit just as good as the 2 original mags I have. So far haven't had any jams or problems, except on one mag, the floor plate would fall off because the spring wasn't bent correctly to fit in the slot. I bent it myself, which is not a big deal, really. Overall, for $15 for new mags, these can't be beat.
Oh so good.
Review by larry
Got 2 for my Romanian Tokarev, fit perfectly and perform perfectly. Great product, looking forward to the CZ 82 mags to be put up for sale.
Review by Mark
I bought one of these for my Chinese type 54-1. The bluing matches the pistol and it fits better than the factory original.
Good mags
Review by Guy
These mags worked great and would highly recommend.
nice reproductions!
Review by TT33
I ordered 11 mags....

1 refused to lock in. After identifying it, I can see the notch isn't big enough compared to the others. I will try to file the notch some to open it up to work.

All remaining 10 are "loose"... when compared to surplus mags that I was lucky to purchase before. On the repo's - There is a gap between the mag and the gun. The looseness appeared to have no affect on functionality though.

The reproduction mags fed standard 7.62x25 ammo from Winchester and Wolf without issue.

But with some "rare" Hollow Point 7.62x25 ammo - The reproduction mags would NOT feed hollow point Wolf ammo. (The wolf HP ammo, looked like it was simply drilled out rounds via some other ammo supplier's tool that they sell). My original surplus magazines had no issue with feeding this ammunition.

But I am very thankful to have 10 functioning mags that are new.
Great magazine.
Review by Jason
Just received 3 of these magazines. They fit my Romanian Tokarev perfectly. Have had no feed problems at all. Very happy with this purchase.
Excellent value
Review by RemMax
I just received my order for 4 of these today and was quite pleased to find 4 brand new mags for my TT33 that fit and function every bit as well as my original factory surplus mags, will likely order 4 more soon to give me a even 10 just because they are so nice.
Needless to say the new ones I just got today look a lot nicer than my old Mil-surp mags!
If you own a TT33 then, I recommend getting more of these mags while you can.
Perfect fit
Review by dvader
Bought it for a spare for my TT-33. Looks great and functions well!
Just like factory if not better
Review by Dan
Mag works great. I have a Romanian make Tokarev made in 1956. I cant tell you how good it fits and works. Feeds perfectly, locks in and ejects like they were made together. The people here are so nice to work with. I had another item I had to return. (For no fault of theirs) I called them and they explained the process and made everything easy for me. I have made other orders since then also. Don't ever hesitate to contact them with any questions, or problems.
Great magazine!
Review by Victor
I bought two of these. Excellent quality for the money. They both work perfectly in my Tokarev. Thank you !
Tokarev magazine
Review by matt
Awesome price for Tokarev magazine that is brand new. Searched ebay, craigslist, etc... prices for used were ridiculous Fits my chinese TU-90 Tokarev 9mm.
Good mag
Review by Nicholas
I've been trying to find Tokarev mags for a decent price for a while now, but it seems that they are either impossible to find or they are ridiculously expensive. Mine was covered and coated in cosmoline, but after taking it apart and cleaning it, it functioned fine.
Great magazine
Review by Don
After searching around online ,found these magazines for my TT33 and they look and work as well as the ones that came with my Romanian Tokarev TT-33. Price was in line for especially being new and not a used bent mag. Shipping was fast and provided tracking info with just a click.Made a customer out of me. Thanks
Over all very good
Review by Sucba steve
This magazine has to be one of the best that I have, it's very high quality. The item is covered in cosmoline, but it did it's job. The metal is perfect as if it just came out of the factory.
Outstanding Service / Superior Quality / Fast Shipping~AAAAA+++++
Review by Donald
I am quite pleased with the premium service and quality of product I received from these folks,..If they don't have it, they will steer you to it.".Who Else would Even Think Of That!!" and I adore their selection of T-shirts,..really pisses of your LIBERAL / LEFT Buddies.
Great Value!
Review by Russell
Good mags at a great price. Even shipped them quick to Canada. They do come packed in cosmoline but it is quick and easy to clean them up.
Review by Col
Fast service. Worked properly.
great place to shop
Review by btbbaker1
the tt33 mags worked perfect. got them on time and had friendly service. will always shop here again and again
Review by greg
wow good mags work great in my norinco 9mm 312 with no spacer in mag also

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