U.S. M1943 Entrenching Tool

We've got a small number of these original WWII era U.S. M1943 entrenching tools. These original US military issued shovels from World War II are prized by collectors for their important role in one of histories greatest battles. With the supply of authentic USGI WWII gear drying up, this may be one of the last affordable pieces of World War Two equipment.

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Despite having seen previous issuance and use, each U.S. M1943 entrenching tool remains in what can best be described as good condition, though condition will vary from tool to tool. As such, prospective buyers should expect to find signs of wear and usage, including, but not limited to: worn edges, worn finishes and dinged handles. When ordering, please remember that each shovel is a vintage World War II tool that is nearly 70 years old.

  • Authentic USGI M1943 Shovel
  • Folding Shovel Design
  • War Time Production - All Original Parts
  • Conditions and Markings Vary
More Information
Overall Rating
Good, solid shovel
Review by Oscar
Excellent entrenching tool, just what I wanted. It appears totally authentic, but I can't find a manufacturer's name on it anywhere, nor a part number That's unusual for GI items..
Overall Rating
Very Nice Shovel
Review by Dominic
I got mine a while ago, but it was worth it considering I had bought one from another seller also, but for $10 more. And i was happier with the condition of the shovel that came from Keep Shooting
Overall Rating
Excellent for gardening/bug out bags
Review by Jacob
I bought one of these about 15 years ago, works great. Very tough despite age. I would highly recommend this over the cheap tri-fold E-tools now in use.
Overall Rating
Very useful piece of equipment
Review by Perry
I used mine at a Halloween event where I had to do plenty of digging and have utilized it alongside the later tri-fold version. While this doesn't fold into three, it feels more sturdy and solid. I've put it through plenty of abuse that resulted in dents, scratches, and rust, but the thing has not failed me. I recommend this shovel to collectors, of course, but also to anyone who's in need of a good piece of portable digging equipment.
Overall Rating
Perfect for camping
Review by RemMax
While the price of these have increased dramatically since I bought mine around 20 some odd years ago, these are still the same shovel as mine, and as such are extremely well made.
Keep in mind these were made by American for American Soldiers back when America made everything we needed here at Home, and as Americans we took pride in the tools we supplied our Fighting men with.
And when this shovel was made it was with the knowledge that some young American Soldier may find himself digging a trench in hard or frozen ground trying to avoid shrapnel from exploding enemy artillery and his very Survival may well depend on how fast and deep he could dig that hole!
And these little shovels did that job and many other exceptionally well. From digging a fighting hole, to chopping through a peace a para cord or a chickens neck for dinner, it did it all.
I don't much care for the newer imported shovels of this type we issue to Our Soldiers today.
These Old WW2 /Korean War era Trenching tools (aka Folding Shovels) are made of extremely high quality materials to extremely high standards, and because of that American pride that went into them back then they still work as hard today as they did back then.
While I've never had to use mine to dig a trench to fit my body in to avoid enemy artillery I have dug many a "Waste" hole for the toilet while camping as well as dirt to throw on the fire pile at the end of the hunting/camping trip.
I wouldn't even consider heading off for a week in the woods without mine today, it would be almost as bad as leaving my Lens Static Compass behind, I'd just be lost without it! :)
In short if you hunt, Fish, or just go camping or hiking in the woods in general then I definitely recommend you pick up one of these while they are still available as they don't build them like this anymore.
Overall a very high quality, well made, Durable and handy tool and if you don't already have one then I highly recommend you pick one up to add to your hunting,camping gear while they are still available.
Excellent tool with too many uses to list, pick one up and add it to your gear and you won't regret it.

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