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This little pocket knife is a reproduction of the legendary pocket knife originally designed and issued to members of the United States Army and United States Marine Corps, and carries quite a storied history. From its wildly inaccurate nickname, the "Demo" knife, to its tours through World War II, the Vietnam War and beyond, this little pocket knife has been places and seen things that we commoners could not even imagine. And now you have the chance to buy a high-quality reproduction on the cheap. The U.S. Military pocket knife, like the original, is the perfect pocket tool for almost any job. All components are reproduced beautifully in a compact, stainless steel package that can go with you wherever your travels take you.

Originally manufactured by Camillus Knives for the United States Military, the U.S. Military pocket knife is a small, multi-tool made entirely from stainless steel. The pocket knife includes several handy field tools, including: one edged cutting blade, one can opener, one screw driver, one bottle cap opener and one leather punch. Though not all original markings are reproduced here, several are. These include the "US" stamp on the scaled handle and the "CAN OPENER" stamp on said tool. When closed, the pocket knife measures approximately 3 3/4 inches in length, and also includes the iconic clevis fastener, which allows wielders to attach the pocket knife to a lanyard.

As noted, the U.S. Military pocket knife is often referred to incorrectly as the "Demo" knife, a nickname stemming from the misconception that its stainless steel construction was is non-magnetic, and therefore capable of deactivating landmines.

Prospective buyers may also be interested to learn the NATO Stock Number (NSN) for the original U.S. Military pocket knife. An NSN is a 13-digit numerical code that identifies all standardized materials of supply that are recognized by NATO countries. The NSN for the U.S. Military pocket knife is 5110-00-162-2205, which officially identifies the item as a pocket knife. The "5110" corresponds to the item's NATO Supply Classification Group (NSCG), and identifies it as a non-powered edged hand tool, while the "00" corresponds to the item's National Codification Bureau (NCB) code, or country code, and signifies that the piece is from the United States. The remaining digits signify its item number. 

The U.S. Military pocket knife is perfect for:

- Collectors

- Veterans

- Camping

- Hunting

- Everyday use

- Much more…

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