Umarex Glock 17 Gen 3 CO2 Pistol

The GLOCK G17 GEN 3 Air Pistol is the blowback BB repeater you have been waiting for. Powered by easy and affordable 12 gram CO2, the G17 GEN 3 is just right for holster drills, target practice, or backyard plinking.

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  • Enhanced Blowback Action Slide
  • Drop-free Metal Magazine
  • Authentic Replica Including Contgrols
  • Fixed White "U" Shjaped GLOCK Style Rear Sights
  • Fixed White Dot Front Sight
  • Full Metal Slide
  • GLOCK Rail
  • Fits Duty Holsters


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Customer Reviews

Not recommended
Review by Jeffey R.
Verified Buyer
The gun broke because of the sensitive trigger that isn’t very fluent to shoot... I loved the gun but it cost 100 dollars and now it’s broke had for 4 days so be careful if you buy this product and be light on the trigger
Great glock bb gun
Review by Paralee I.
Verified Buyer
Perfect replica of a glock with amazing blow back feature. My son loves this.
Glock 17 does not beat S&W M&P 40
Review by Jesusita I.
Verified Buyer
Nice Glock 17 replica and very exacting but the S&W is a smoother design. Shooting is comparable and both have a nice 'blow-back' snap! Lots of fun for the collector and owner.
It works
Review by Angie I.
Verified Buyer
It seems close to the original glock 17
Review by Ike U.
Verified Buyer
It is absolutely perfect exactly what you would expect if glock actually made bb guns big props to Umarex.
The trigger pull is pretty nice and it's a Flawless look when it comes to the full gun itself
Review by Carles V.
Verified Buyer
It's exactly like the real deal except for its a 177 cal and has less kick other than that you're getting exactly what you pay for the blowback action is pretty cool actually really cool it's quite loud
Great gun!! but wish there was an easier way too clean
Review by Gita Z.
Verified Buyer
Great purchase love the gun it works very well although when I first used it a B.B. got jammed but that was an easy fix. I also wish you could field strip it so you can clean and maintain it easier but sadly you cannot or at least it is very difficult too. Other than that it is very fun and realistic feels great and looks great I’m very satisfied with my purchase!!
Great delivery, but wait till gen 4
Review by Melisha M.
Verified Buyer
The slide rattles when you shake it, its kind of hard to put the saftey on and off, and it goes 3/4's of the way back instead of the full way. The trigger will go 9/10ths of the way back without any give and then the trigger pops the shot off. Gen 4 has better qualities and i would recommend you go watch reviews on both before buying. Dont regret my purchase but wish i would have waited till gen 4 too!
Great Training System!
Review by Olander C.
Verified Buyer
Finally, a Glock airgun replica that is so true to the actual firearm that I can use it to effectively train those who are new fire arm use. The weapon system weight, frame, blow back feature and magazine release feature are ultra-realistic to the actual Glock 17. Kuddos Umarex! You knocked it out the park with this one!!
Very Nice BB Pistol. Shape is Exact. Shoots Accurately.
Review by Kimiya Y.
Verified Buyer
If you're looking for a BB gun that fills your hand EXACTLY like a Glock 17, this is the gun for you. This is probably the most anticipated Umarex replica that will be made and it doesn't disappoint. It's more accurate than any other BB pistol I've shot. It's as accurate as my most accurate pellet pistol (Crosman 357) at my usual target at 12 yards. At 40 yards the Crosman takes a clear lead, but itś pellet and this is BB... Not exactly a fair comparison. From a rest we were able to shoot 10 shots into a 3" group. I would say that would mirror a Glock 17 9mm or G22 40S&W's performance. Impressive!

-VERY accurate for a BB pistol. Maybe as accurate at close range as the real Glock.
-Nice feel (like a real G17).
-I like the Magazine CO2 and BB reserve setup. It's a very cool idea and loading is fairly easy. Whoever thought of this had a great idea.

-I had some extreme low velocity issues in cold 35F weather. Another (Daisy model 410) BB gun was working perfectly in the same conditions as this one. The problems went away in warmer weather. I think the way this dispenses CO2 allows for easier freezing than the spool valve in most other CO2 guns. This is a non issue for indoor shooting.
-Trigger reset is a full release to reset unlike a real Glock where you can reset without a complete trigger extension. Every pull is a long double action pull whereas a Glock firearm has a short reset and can be fired single action after the first shot. Maybe there is not a good way to implement the authentic Glock short reset into a BB gun. This is no deal breaker, but one thing I like in the Glock trigger.
-This model is lighter than the real thing in the top end. The polymer frame is probably about the same weight. I haven't had it apart, but I can feel it in the balance. It's subtle, but having 6-8 ounces more in the slide would have been spot on.
-Blowback recoil is a lot lighter than a real semi-auto. Maybe blowback with firearm recoil is a bit much to ask. Likely this would burn up the CO2 in a few shots if it threw a slide back this hard.

In summary, this is a great replica. It shoots very accurately and probably as accurately as most will shoot with the real thing on the same day and target. It gets a good number of shots (around 80) per CO2 cartridge. Overall, I find this to be a very good value. If you like Glock, buy it, you're going to enjoy it! Again, it is very accurate. Much more accurate than the Made in Japan Daisy 426 I also own.
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