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The US Military Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is an authentic US military sleeping bag. These sleeping bags are rated from 30 degrees to -10 degrees which makes them ideal for use in virtually all of North America. With this bag available, your next camping trip will be even more fun as you'll stay warm and comfortable in this military surplus sleeping bag.

The US Military Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is an excellent choice for camping, hiking, or overnight trips where you are exposed to cold weather. This sleeping bag is part of the modular sleep system, which is a sleeping bag design program that our government invested millions of dollars to perfect. You can benefit directly from this military project by purchasing and using this intermediate cold weather sleeping bag, which is the foundation of the modular sleep system.

With the exterior of the Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag being constructed from RipStop nylon, you can immediately count on this sleeping bag to last. No other material has been more battle tested and combat proven than RipStop nylon, which is why it is still used today in these sleeping bags. The insulation in the sleeping bag is high performance and has a quilted design for proven warmth and comfort.

  • Authentic US Military Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag
  • Rated from 30 Degrees to -10 Degrees
  • Foilage / Urban Grey Color
  • Dual Sided Zippers
  • Mummy Style Design
  • Dimensions: 85" Long x 33" Wide (Approximate)
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