US Military Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

The US Military Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is an authentic US military sleeping bag. These sleeping bags are rated from 30 degrees to -10 degrees which makes them ideal for use in virtually all of North America. With this bag available, your next camping trip will be even more fun as you'll stay warm and comfortable in this military surplus sleeping bag.

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The US Military Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is an excellent choice for camping, hiking, or overnight trips where you are exposed to cold weather. This sleeping bag is part of the modular sleep system, which is a sleeping bag design program that our government invested millions of dollars to perfect. You can benefit directly from this military project by purchasing and using this intermediate cold weather sleeping bag, which is the foundation of the modular sleep system.

With the exterior of the Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag being constructed from RipStop nylon, you can immediately count on this sleeping bag to last. No other material has been more battle tested and combat proven than RipStop nylon, which is why it is still used today in these sleeping bags. The insulation in the sleeping bag is high performance and has a quilted design for proven warmth and comfort.

  • Authentic US Military Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag
  • Rated from 30 Degrees to -10 Degrees
  • Foilage / Urban Grey Color
  • Dual Sided Zippers
  • Mummy Style Design
  • Dimensions: 85" Long x 33" Wide (Approximate)
More Information
Overall Rating
Great condition
Review by KMW
I was a little apprehensive on purchasing surplus equipment sight unseen. However, the condition of this sleeping bag is excellent, looks as if it was never issued.
Overall Rating
A Classic
Review by William
These really are a classic. Nice stock design, nothing terribly exotic; high quality for the same price as junk at the local big box or sporting goods store. Not the lightest for backpacking, but not real heavy either; great for car/tent camping. Warm if it gets wet. Get a patrol bag and a compression stuff sack for the whole outfit. Mine was clean and everything was in good shape, plenty of loft. Good deal at this price. I have more expensive mountaineering bags, but I use this one more often- it's comfortable and I don't worry about it if the dog gets mud on it.
Overall Rating
Buy it! Can't beat US military specs on this one.
Review by Elliott T.
Due to lack of patience I bought both patrol (olive) and intermediate (foliage/grey) with no attention to color variation. The patrol outside snaps only matched the intermediate inside snaps on the right sides; the left side snaps, outside patrol and inside intermediate , did not couple together. I can live with with it, although it is best if both left and right outside snaps of the patrol were fit and snug with the intermediate. Just inserting the patrol into the intermediate without snapping works for me. Both the patrol and intermediate had minor wear, which is expected for surplus gear; there is some abrasion inside at the foot end of the intermediate, which tells me a trooper may have slept in with his boots! Hey, I would have done the same! What I like about this company is that is appears both bags were laundered, or in the least inspected, then folded, sealed with packing tape in a plastic bag prior to shipping. This outfit is not haphazard in its operations, and would recommend them any time. Overall, this system is the best buy on the market; buy both the patrol and intermediate, the only way to go. Also read the cleaning instruction sewed at the end of the bags, and they will take care of you. I already have a special forces gore tex bivouac bought years ago for use when bushwacking. Get these bags while still accessible to the general public, and you will certainly grin like I did.
Overall Rating
Just buy it, buy it right now.
Review by Frank
After receiving the first one, I order a second. These bags are just perfect. I cannot detect any evidence of prior use whatsoever in either of them. If you're looking for a warm, rugged sleeping bag designed for a human being to fit into, this is it.
Overall Rating
Great deal, on a quality bag
Review by don
I been buying this system piece by piece. I find its cost saving that way. The one I got was used in perfect shape. No smell. This is a great deal.
Overall Rating
like new, great price for a high quality bag
Review by don
I have been buying this system piece by piece. I got this bag first. The one I received had no flaws or funky smell, and is thick and warm. An excellent deal. Get it!
Overall Rating
like new
Review by don
My bag was clean, only a slight surplus odor, no rips tears or any defects. I would have thought it was never even used except the GI service and laundry tag was faded from cleanings.
Overall Rating
I would recommend purchasing.
Review by Mac
Arrived promptly, no issues , bags rated at these temps are a hundred + elsewhere. Not too snug and rolled up nicely to fit in my compression bag. For used surplus, I have found no wear or tear on it. Zippers heavy duty drawstrings all functional. Will post again when I use in near future in 30 degree or below weather. 4 on quality only because I have not given it the run through. Will most likely use in my biv sack

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