US Military Summer Flyers Jacket CWU-36/P

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The US Military Summer Flyer's Jacket is an authentic flight jacket from the US Air Force. This flight jacket is the lightweight warm weather version of the CWU-45/P having all of the same features just being designed for comfort in hot weather. With each jacket being constructed from Nomex and Made in the USA you can be assured this jacket will last for a very long time.

The US Military Summer Flyers Jacket CWU-36/P is a current issue Air Force flight jacket. These internationally reconized jackets are seen being worn by US aircrew who are on duty stations operating all around the world. With a style and history that has been associated with military aviation since it was first issued the demand for authentic US Air Force CWU-36/P flight jackets continues to increase.

  • Authentic US Military Flight Jacket
  • Designated Jacket, Flyer's, Men's Summer Type CWU-36/P
  • Made from Flame Resistant Nomex
  • Zippered Front with Elastic Knitted Wasitband and Cuffs
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