US Repro WWII 1923 Garand Belt

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The US Repro M1923 Garand Cartridge Belt is an excellent reproduction of the original USGI WWII M1923 Garand Cartridge Belt. Attention to details such as stitching, metal components, and U.S. markings make this cartridge belt desired by reenactors, Garand shooters, and anyone else who holds an interest in WWII era US small arms.

This excellent reproduction M1923 Garand Cartridge Belt is made by Sturm Mil-Tec who is known for producing high quality US Reproduction gear from the World War II era. With an attention to fine details such as stitching, materials selection, and markings this Garand cartridge belt will satisfy the needs of reenactors, Garand shooters, and others interested in US World War II small arms.

  • Holds 10 fully loaded M1 Garand Clips
  • Khaki colored canvas, just like the originals
  • Correct Lift-The-Dot snap closures
  • Fully adjustable belt 
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