US Style 12-Piece Medical Set

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We just received these brand new US military style 12 piece medical kits. These kits are designed to give you all of the necessary medical tools to perform small surgery in the field. Each kit comes with brand new sealed tools and is packed in a US military carrying kit from Elite First Aid.

These kits have every thing you need to perform minor surgical procedures in the field. Based on our limited knowlege, it would appear they are well suited for things like stitching up bad wounds, stopping bleeds, and more. Each kit has contents that do not expire until 2017, with the sutures being the only item with an expiration date.

  • One Elite First Aid US Military Carrying Case
  • One Pocket Flashlight
  • One Set of Tweezers - Stainless Steel
  • One Set of Curved Hemostats - Stainless Steel
  • Two Sets of Straight Hemostats - Stainless Steel
  • One Pair of Suture Scissors - Stainless Steel
  • One Sterile Surgical #10 Blade - Stainless Steel
  • One Sterile Surgical #11 Blade - Stainless Steel
  • One Pack HOPEMEDICAL Nylon Monofilament Sutures - 75cm
  • One Needle Probe - Stainless Steel
  • One Suture Tool - Stainless Steel
  • One Scalple Blade Holder - Stainless Steel
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