US Style Lanyard - 5 Pack

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I, like everyone else, go through a mental checklist every time I prepare to step foot outside my home. Cellphone? Check. Wallet? Check. Car and house keys? Uh oh. Where could they be?

Obviously, they are on top of the dresser. What? They are not there! I better go check the couch cushions. Foiled again! Well, it seems I have lost my keys – gone forever and never to be seen again, which means I cannot leave my house or drive my car ever again.

Ensure you never fall victim to a very-possible scenario like the one just described by picking up a few of's new US-style lanyards, which are sold in a five-pack. Each five-pack of US-style lanyards includes five brand new lanyards that are nearly identical to those being used by troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hook your keys onto one of these green nylon lanyards and you will never have to look further than your own neck for your keys.

For one low price, you will receive five brand new US-style lanyards. Grab yours today for just $10.95.

Produced by German manufacturer, Mil-Tec, the high quality US-style lanyard is constructed from a durable olive drab nylon material. At the end of the lanyard is a tough metal hook, sometimes referred to as a spring clip, which is capable of securing a range of differently-sized key rings and keeping your keys in a safe, easy-to-find location.

These USGI-style lanyards offer a unique method of carrying your keys. And with the inclusion of five brand new lanyards, you can choose to keep different sets of keys in different locations or give some away as gifts.

Pick up your five-pack of US-style lanyards to for only $10.95!

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