The US WWII M43 Field Jacket is an authentic reproduction of the war time original. This jacket was widely worn by US soldiers during World War II and has been seen in countless movies, theater productions, and living history events since then. With war time production reaching new heights, the M43 Field Jacket was the widest issued field jacket of the war.

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The US WWII M43 Field Jacket is an essential component of the US war time uniform. This jacket was produced in massive numbers for the war effort and saw service in virtually all battles during the war. After the war this jacket was prized by civilians and veterans for what it stood for, how well it performed, and the conditions that produced it for the war effort. Now with this modern reproduction, you can have a factory new version of this classic American military jacket.

  • Produced by Sturm of Germany
  • Authentic Reproduction of WWII Original
  • Vintage Look - Including Label
  • Excellent for Living History Events, Film, and Theater Productions

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