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USGI 2 quart Canteen Cover

USGI Canteen Cover


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  • USGI 2 quart Canteen Cover USGI 2 quart Canteen Cover
  • USGI Canteen Cover Sling USGI Canteen Cover Sling

Quick Overview

I am no economist, but I like to think that I can recognize a saturated market when I see one; and I see one. The recent developments in technology that have led to the explosion of portable media players, smartphones, tablets and e-readers have also brought about a surge in the accessories available for each – namely cases. You cannot walk out into the street without seeing someone using their fancy new device. Staying home is no escape either, as the Internet and all your favorite television shows burn the same images into your retinas. And wherever you see one of these devices the case is right there with it. Not that there is anything wrong with that. You see, I have a smartphone as well; and a case. My problem is that most of the cases you see offer nothing outside of vanity. If you want a case, get one that will serve an actual purpose. Get one that will protect your $400 investment rather than one that will make it look pretty.

The same goes for purses and man bags – whatever those are for. If you absolutely need a purse or man bag to carry your medicine cabinet as you complete your daily tasks, go for one that will serve you well, not one that will make people stop and gawk. Speaking of carrying cases with actual purposes, just received a shipment of USGI canteen covers.

That is right – a pouch with purpose. The USGI canteen cover is an official U.S. military-issue canteen cover for a 2-quart canteen. Available in olive drab, these nylon insulated canteen covers have no shortage of features to ensure that your cool, thirst-quenching companion is never too far away. Ironically, there is a carrying case on the canteen cover, but more on that later.

You cannot possibly go wrong. Wrap your canteen in one of these beautiful USGI canteen covers today!

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The USGI canteen cover is an excellent military surplus item. Each canteen cover is in excellent shape – never before issued and free from rips, tears and stains and ready to make your canteen feel extra special. Made right here in the United States, each cover features numerous markings, including a “US” stamp, item description (Cover, Canteen, 2 Quart), NATO stock number (8465-01-118-8175) and instructions for usage under the closure flap. If you have a 2-quart canteen and you are looking for a cover, look no further. Read on for a detailed description.

The USGI canteen cover is constructed from a variety of quality materials. The exterior is made from a tough, nylon material that is both durable and resistant to water. The interior, however, is the most interesting part of the cover. The interior of the canteen cover is lined with a synthetic fur designed to insulate your canteen in both hot and cold weather. During hot weather, wetting the lining will serve to keep you water cool. During cold weather, the lining alone will serve to insulate the canteen, protecting it from possible freezing. Earlier I mentioned the carrying case on the exterior of the canteen cover. Actually, this exterior pocket serves an essential purpose. The small 4-inch by 2.5-inch pocket is for housing water purification tablets and includes a Velcro® closure strap.

Now let’s talk about closure, carrying and attachment options. The USGI canteen cover closes over your 2-quart canteen using a closure flap that is tightly secured by a plastic buckle. There is also an adjustable sling made entirely from canvas, which gives you the option to carry your canteen over your shoulder. If you choose, you can also attach it to your belt using the A.L.I.C.E. (All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) clips found on the rear of the case.

Do not get caught in the wilderness with warm water ever again. The USGI canteen cover is a perfect choice for any of the following:

- Collectors

- Reenactments

- Camping

- Hiking

- Hunting

- Much more…

Additional Information

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Construction Nylon
Condition Surplus Unissued
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  1. Unbelievable piece of kit. review by Edwin on 5/17/2016

    I still see these in use in the military today and they stopped issuing them years ago! That's because the 2QT canteen system is unbeatable. Not only does it hold double the water, but it's also easier to carry on an ALICE Pack in one of these. Price is fair, and KS has better shipping than most surplus places! Get them when they're in stock.

  2. Love it!! review by Jacob on 2/3/2014

    These are great canteen covers and who in their right mind doesn't need more water and an efficient way to carry it. Don't hesitate.

  3. thermalized canteen! review by Michael on 12/31/2013

    This is like a big coozie for your canteen! If you want to keep something warm, it will do that. If you want to keep you water from getting hot and dank, you just wet th e liner and it will keep it cool for a long time.

  4. USGI Canteen Cover review by Jill on 10/31/2013

    Seems to be unissued condition. My local Army/Navy is selling these for twenty dollars. This is a steal !!!!

  5. A great quality canteen cover review by Jay on 10/22/2012

    Just got mine and it appears as if it was never used. This cover also fits the iraqi canteen I own from the 1980's pretty well too. Thanks keep shooting

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