USGI Feather Bed Pillow

USGI Feather Bed Pillow

The USGI Feather Bed Pillow is a comfortable pillow that is filled with feathers to provide an ultra-reliable pillow for a good night sleep. This design has been used by the Army for 80+ years and continues to be a favorite among soldiers, sailors, and those who know that feather pillows provide superior quality support for a good restful sleep.

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Description / USGI Feather Bed Pillow

The USGI Feather Bed Pillow is a pillow you want when you need a good night sleep. With this pillow design being used by the Department of Defense for all branches of the military you can be sure it is the very best available. Inside of each pillow you will find whole waterfowl feathers and the pillow covering is made from cotton ticking for added comfort and durability.

  • Authentic USGI Feather Bed Pillow
  • Filled with Whole Waterfowl Feathers
  • Pillow Covering Made from Cotton Ticking
  • Striped "Granny Pillow" Design
  • Dimensions: 18" x 24" x 5" (approximate)
  • NSN: 7210-01-015-5190

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Manufacturer US Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Brings back memories
Review by MsMary
My husband swears by these pillows. He always wants me to buy them when we replace our pillows. So I got him two for his birthday. Both of us are military veterans and know how great these pillows are. Guarantee you will get a good nights' sleep!
Review by JT
I bought two pillows and I am Absolutely satisfied with them, Thank You Again
USGI Feather Bed Pillow
Review by Bill
Standard military type pillows. Quick delivery, very good condition, good price, very happy. I have been looking for a couple of these pillows.
Great Pillow
Review by ADRIA
I love feathers to begin with and love the durability of the material.
These are what I was looking for
Review by Ken
For years, I wondered where we got the pillows I had as a kid. These are the ones, except ours back in the 1950s had horizontal stripes. I got two (great price). They are cool, the right weight (have you tried buckwheat hulls? Too heavy!), and offer great support.
Feather Pillow
Review by Scott
Cant go wrong here. Fit this pillow with a great cover, you'll have a great nights rest. Comfy and flexible, your head will thank you.
I love this U.S.A. pillow!
Review by SSN 675
Stole my pillow when I left the Navy 30 years ago and used it every day since. Finally ordered a new one from Keep Shooting after my wife threatened to throw it away. What a great deal, and what a great pillow. (I ordered two) Better than I remembered when it was new and made in the U.S.A.!!!
great pillow
Review by fitz
I missed these for some years, as I am a Navy veteran,,,,had many good sleeps on these pillows out to sea. Hard to find good feather pillows today at reasonable $$ Who needs new "miracle" pillow when you can still get these.
Love them!!
Review by Just Sayin
I bought 5 of these pillows. They are amazing. I was a military brat that grew up on these and then joined the army and retired after 23 years. I love these pillows!! I've tried all the expensive big name and big dollar brands and always come back to the old army pillow. I now have all of the beds in the house with these pillows. Wouldn't trade them for anything. Thanks for offering such great prices on these. The quality of them are amazing too, not cheap. You guys are Awesome!!!
Much Better than Expected.
Review by Whipdante
I bought three of these pillow, and since I tossed them on the bed, my wife (an army veteran) and I have had some of the most restful and reenergizing sleeps in our lives. Better than expected! Most likely, I'll phase out all the other pillows in the house and add more of these great pillows!
Don't sleep on this offer
Review by Jack
"Granny pillow" is right... New,Old school down, And not a neck wrench. Made in N.C. w/ mattress ticking material (similar to a cotton canvas).
Knocked off a star because one had a hole along a seem after washing machine (easily sewn).
These a great if you prefer what I would call a "bagged out" comfortable down pillow.
Review by Robt
MEMORY FOAM PILLOWS SUCK! I grew up will feather pillows. These were like an old friend! Appear to be unissued, new in the wrap!
Awesome for the price.
Review by Spike
Super pillows! Nice size. Great loft. My sweety won't stand for polyesther or foam. It HAS to be feather. And for the money, these are fab. REAL pillow ticking. That's good ol' fashioned, wear like iron, fabric. Yes, I'd recommend these to a friend. Yes, I'd recommend shopping at Keep Shooting to friends.
If you served you'll fondly remember these
Review by Sam
I recall these GI pillows from my stint in the U.S. Army back in the late 80's. They were the first feather pillows I'd ever slept on, having only had cheap pillows up to then. Decided to order a pair to find out if they're as good as I remember them being, which was pretty damn good. They keep soldiers sleep deprived so I'm sure that had something to do with how restful the pillows, the OD green wool blankets and even the mattresses on the racks were. These pillows are unissued/unused and come wrapped in the factory plastic. They came two to a box that looks like it would only hold one, as the pillows compress flat but they fluff up beautifully. I haven't slept this well in years and I'm thinking of ordering more. I highly recommend you get some before they're gone.

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