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The USGI fragmentation vest is essentially a flak jacket and will shield the wearer from shrapnel, fragmentation, debris, and other indirect projectiles.

Those who order the USGI fragmentation vest do not only receive a wearable flak jacket capable of providing some level of real-life protection, they receive a genuine piece of United States Military surplus. Originally designed for and used by ground troops in the U.S. Army, the USGI fragmentation vest has since been replaced with more advanced body armor systems such as Interceptor body armor and the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV). Though the USGI fragmentation vest is outdated and has been previously issued, they remain in great shape, free from the rips, tears, stains and scents that are typically characteristic of military surplus items. And though we cannot guarantee any level of protection, each vest is likely capable of providing some level of real-life protection.

The USGI fragmentation vest is, as noted, a flak jacket that originally saw use with the U.S. Military. Constructed from Kevlar® paneling contained in a nylon cloth carrier, the fragmentation vest is designed to offer protection from shrapnel, fragmentation, debris and other indirect projectiles to the chest, back, sides and shoulders. The vest itself features a dual-Velcro® closure system as well as two flap pockets, which measure approximately 7 inches by 5 inches and are located just above the hips.

The nylon carries sports the U.S. woodland camouflage pattern, also known as the M81 pattern. Debuted in 1981, the woodland camouflage pattern is a four-colored camouflage pattern that combines swaths of green, tan, brown and black and was intended for general cover in both temperate and tropical woodland environments.

The final interesting aspect regarding the USGI fragmentation vest is the inclusion of its NATO Stock Number (NSN). An NSN is a 13-digit numerical code that identifies all standardized materials of supply that are recognized by NATO countries. The NSN for the USGI fragmentation vest is 8470-01-092-8501, which identifies it as woodland camouflage fragmentation body armor. The "8470" identifies it as a piece of individual equipment in the "personal armor" category while the "01" signifies that the piece is from the United States. The remaining digits signify its item number.

Whether you plan on fending off a horde of alien invaders or you just want to defend yourself from an onslaught of paintballs or airsoft ammunition, the USGI fragmentation vest is an excellent choice. Pick one up today.

The USGI fragmentation vest is now available in the following sizes: extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M) and large (L).

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