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The USGI M24 First Aid Bandage is a military surplus first aid pack that was used extensively during World War II. Inside each of these tin packs is a Carlisle Model bandage and is completely original as it was manufactured during the 1930s and 1940s.

The M24 First Aid Bandage Kit is a genuine USGI first aid bandage kit from the US Government. These packets were produced in huge volumes by big companies like Johnson and Johnson during World War II and were issued to soldiers numbering in the millions. As you can imagine due to the combat conditions, most of these M24 first aid kits were used to treat injuries in the field.

We have a very small number of these all original USGI WWII bandage sets. Most of the tins we have examined were produced by Johnson & Johnson which is a great example showing how corporate America helped with the war effort. With most of these bandage sets being produced in the 1940s, the tins they are packaged in will show signs of age with missing paint or dents. Some may be marked with other manufacturers or have different levels of wear from what is pictured. You can guarantee receiving an original WWII era USGI M24 that will have the character and history of this iconic bandage.

  • Original USGI M24 Bandage Set
  • Designated "FIRST AID PACKET, US GOV'T"
  • Contains CARLISLE MODEL Bandage
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