USGI M9 Bayonet

The M9 Bayonet from OKC is a USGI issued bayonet for the M16 rifle. Officially adopted in 1986, the M9 is a great improvement on the earlier M7 bayonet. With production numbers approaching 500,000 the M9 bayonet is a true battle tested bayonet that can double as a fighting knife.

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  1. USGI M9 Bayonet
  2. Sheath Doubles as a Wire Cutter
  3. Black Oxide Non Reflective Finish
  4. Quick Detach Clips on Sheath
  5. Serrated Spine on Blade
  6. Official Bayonet of the US Military
  7. Blade Length: 7 Inches
  8. Overall Length: 12.25 Inches
  9. NSN#: 1095-01-227-1739
  10. UPC: 071721062202

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Customer Reviews

Best bayonet
Review by Melana N.
Verified Buyer
Arrived in good condition and shipped fast
Strong multiple use knife as well as a bayonet
Review by Delfina Q.
Verified Buyer
Very heavy duty and thick enough to use as a prybar if necessary. The wire cutter works well and easily too.
Exactly as advertised, An excellent Bayonet From the Ontario Knife Company.
Review by Jessamyn B.
Verified Buyer
This kinife is everything said about it and more. This is a good hunting and all around camping knife. I collect Knives, Hatchets and Axes and Ontario is one of my first choices.
Review by Kevinisha F.
Verified Buyer
This is the real thing. Great solid knife that's already sharp out of the box. The sheath is the original one and comes with a clips that allows you to carry it on a belt in a secure manner. The knife has a special hole that fits into the sheath and becomes a wire cutter. I used it in my job and it works like a charm. An awesome knife for any outdoor activity you can think off. If you have a relative or friend in the military, they would great appreciate it. Highly recommended and twice as much if it is sold by KeepShooting or a Prime merchant--then you know you are covered if anything goes wrong before its in your hands.
The original
Review by Georgie Y.
Verified Buyer
This is the real deal from the masters themselves, not one of the mediocre imported copies!
Shop around
Review by Ticey O.
Verified Buyer
Poor value for the money. $50 cheaper several other places.
Ontario Knife - M9. All good.
Review by Jeannene Y.
Verified Buyer
No problems, all good. I read a lot of the reviews, and several people had defects or issues with their M9. My knife arrived as advertised - brand new in the box. Manufactured in the USA, by Ontario Knife Co. Finish is excellent, blade is straight, sheath is new etc. Keep in mind, this is designed as a Government Issue Item, so the finish will not be as pristine as a boutique pocket knife.
Great knife, the real deal
Review by Giovani A.
Verified Buyer
Knife feels sturdy and substantial. Only regret is that I didn’t buy one sooner.
Review by Dave
Verified Buyer
Likening that M11 bayonet.
Arrived bent, and with rust. Confirmed with OKC that knife was likely not new
Review by Aprille U.
Verified Buyer
Sent photos to OKC customer support (not the supplier on KeepShooting) and they indicated that the knife appears to have been "used pretty hard". I am looking to get it replaced directly from the manufacturer, but if not, I will be returning the item.

- Strong blade
- Fits 16" barrel chambered in 5.56 with a mid-length gas system, but rests right on the base of the flash hider
- Balanced; can balance on the hand guard
- Sheath seems really tough too
- Wire cutter
- OD Green
- Easy to disassemble to clean and oil

- Item may have been used
- Rust on holster
- Blade arrive bent, cannot bend it back even by bouncing on it, which is also a pro if yours isn't bent
- Heavy
- Hand guard seems cheap
- Not full tang
- Expensive
- Saw on back seems pretty useless for practical uses--you are not going to saw through anything that you couldn't just use the blade for

More words:
Although this is an expensive knife, and is fairly heavy, it is extremely sturdy. Mine arrived slightly bent, and in my darndest efforts to bend it straight, I was unable to do a thing to this knife. Therefore you can be sure that you wont accidentally bend it! It also means I have to return it for one that isn't bent...

The knife fit great on my 16" mid-length gas system rifle. As long as there are at least 6.5 inches of barrel beyond the front sight mount, you should be good. It is not a tight fit like with my Mosin Nagant's bayonet, but not a big deal to me.

The blade is about 6.75", with 5.75" being sharpened, and the hilt is about 5 inches, for a total length of 12 inches without the sheath. In the sheath, the total length is about 14".

The grip is hard plastic with a mild texture, but should work fine in wet conditions.

The blade is less sharp than the name brand machete I bought a while ago, so as many people suggest, I plan on getting mine sharpened by a professional once I get my replacement. It is not dull though, just not as sharp as I would like.

This blade is not full-tang. The bottom comes off with a 3/16" hex nut, which leads to a metal tube that is screwed onto the bottom of the blade, therefore it is inherently not as strong as a full-tang blade. I was disappointed to learn this, but if it worked well for the military, then it will be more than strong enough for anything I could put it through.

The knife did come with the plastic sheath with the wire cutter, but does not have a sharpening stone. The holster only has 2 out of the 6 rivets, but that is how it is produced according to the manufacturer.

I am pursuing a replacement, and plan to use it as my primary camping knife when it is not on the wall with the rifle. If this is your plan as well, make sure to check local laws. You might be surprised how many laws there are against knifes! In Illinois, it is illegal to have a knife with a blade longer than 3 inches on public property.

I would add photos, but I am not able to for some reason.

Stay safe!
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