USGI M9 Bayonet

The M9 Bayonet from OKC is a USGI issued bayonet for the M16 rifle. Officially adopted in 1986, the M9 is a great improvement on the earlier M7 bayonet. With production numbers approaching 500,000 the M9 bayonet is a true battle tested bayonet that can double as a fighting knife.

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  1. USGI M9 Bayonet
  2. Sheath Doubles as a Wire Cutter
  3. Black Oxide Non Reflective Finish
  4. Quick Detach Clips on Sheath
  5. Serrated Spine on Blade
  6. Official Bayonet of the US Military
  7. Blade Length: 7 Inches
  8. Overall Length: 12.25 Inches
  9. NSN#: 1095-01-227-1739
  10. UPC: 071721062202

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Customer Reviews

Five Stars
Review by Lorilee W.
Verified Buyer
Commercial version of standard M9. Exactly as shown on the picture.
Four Stars
Review by Callie X.
Verified Buyer
Wasn't very sharp from factory but most knives are that way.
Ontario version vs. my old Buck/Phrobis III from 1987
Review by Anecia Z.
Verified Buyer
I bought this bayonet mainly for camping/hiking but also as a survival/SHTF knife. I wanted something large and hefty for heavy-duty work, if needed. I will NOT be using this as a bayonet on a rifle or shotgun. I also have a Buck/Phrobis III version from 1987 but I am keeping that one as a collector's piece. So I bought this current production Ontario version as my "working" or "field" M-9. Here is what I think...

Overall Impressions: Comparing it to my Buck, they are very similar in overall design, dimensions, and weight. The Ontario version has a more oval grip vs. the round grip on the Buck. Otherwise they look and feel very similar, except for the color of course. In my opinion, the only true M-9s are made by Buck/Phrobis, Lan-Cay, and Ontario, although I have never held the Lan-Cay version. These were all manufacturers that held or hold the military contracts for the M-9.

Blade: The Buck has a flat gray finish on the blade while the Ontario has a black blade finish. Quality seems similar although I believe the Buck steel is a slightly higher grade. For me, the Ontario is going to do just fine as a cutting and slicing workhorse.

Quality: The Buck is still regarded as one of the finest versions of the M-9. The problem is they are extremely difficult to find and are very pricey if you do find one. The Ontario is a close second choice, in my opinion. I am happy I have the Buck but I am equally impressed with the Ontario quality.

Sheath: As for the quality, they are basically the same. They are both very solid and function extremely well. Unfortunately both of them scratch the blades due to the internal spring-loaded retention device. This can detract from the "new" look but does not affect blade function.
I really like having the small pouch on the original Buck sheath. I filled it with a small fire steel, mini signal mirror, nail file, single edge razor blade, and a few band-aids in a small plastic Ziploc baggie. (It's tight, but it all fits) I was able to use the black velcro pouch from the sheath on my Schrade SCHF9 Survival Knife and strap it to the top of my Ontario sheath. Problem solved. I also wrapped a portion of the sheaths with paracord as an extra survival accessory. So, for me, the sheath is now a part of the survival package. The wire cutter adapter on both sheaths appears to feel and work the same. They actually modified the Ontario sheath to be a bit safer, than the original Buck design, when using the wire cutter.

Batoning: OK, I am just going to mention this because nearly every online survival knife video shows someone batoning their knife through large cords of wood. To me, this is like taking a Corvette into a jungle. A knife is for cutting, not chopping down trees. Obviously if you DO want to baton wood with a knife, you should us a full tang knife with high quality steel. The M-9 is not a true full-tang knife as the blade and tang are joined (screwed) together under the plastic handle. So you can possibly baton with it but don't be surprised when you snap the blade off at some point.
Get something like a Becker BK-2 if you really must baton wood... better yet, get an axe for pete's sake.

Sharpening: OK, these are meant to be bayonets, not skinners, so the thick and hefty blades are not intended to be razor sharp. I tried to sharpen them myself with a couple different small pull-through sharpeners with no success. I just could not get the wide angle needed for these thick blades. I also do not know how to effectively use the manual sharpening stone method on such a large blade. Well, I don't give up easily, so I took both of them into a local knife shop for professional sharpening. The experienced and knowleageable gentleman who sharpened the bayonets was impressed with both of them. I had him sharpen the Buck to original specs while I asked to have the Ontario sharpened into a razor-sharp edge for camping, rope cutting, survival, etc. WOW! He did an absolute fantastic job on both of them. My Buck blade is still thick with a fairly sharp edge for thrusting but the Ontario can cut the hair off my arm and slice cleanly through paper. (Next time I am attacked by a piece of paper I can now fight back-no more paper cuts for me) Seriously, I am really surprised how well this large blade cuts after taking it to a pro for some proper "love". Lesson learned, if you don't know how to sharpen this large steel blade, find a pro to take care of it for you.

Final Thoughts: As I mentioned earlier, I only consider bayonets made by the 3 military contract mfgs as legitimate M-9's. You can find cheaper versions, that may work for you. If you want the real deal, I can now recommend the current military issue-quality Ontario M-9 in addition to the classic, hard-to-find, Buck/Phrobis III. If you don't know how to properly use a sharpening stone or just don't want to ruin the blade, take it to a reputable knife sharpening pro for the attention it deserves. The extra $10-$20 is more than worth it to turn this bayonet into a sharp, functional field/survival "knife".

Thanks for reading...
Enjoy your knifes and bayonets!
It's Ontario quality. I re-worked the edge to my ...
Review by Hershy T.
Verified Buyer
It's Ontario quality. I re-worked the edge to my liking and now it sits, ready for whatever needs doing. I do not put a razor edge on a bayonet, but a somewhat steeper angle, roughly 30 degrees so it will hold the edge longer during heavy use.
Four Stars
Review by Jesha F.
Verified Buyer
Very good product
Five Stars
Review by Kalicia K.
Verified Buyer
gave it as a gift and it was well received.
Ontario Knife
Review by Oneal N.
Verified Buyer
It's a good bayonet and fits well on an ar-15/m-16 type rifle. The wire cutter works well on small wire-don't know how it would work on really heavy stuff. I must say that I purchased this knife as a collectible item and it certainly fills the bill in that regard. I would certainly recommend it as a heavy duty knife. KeepShooting's price was lower than a sports magazine and the shipping was definitely fast.

Great as a bayonet or conversation piece, not a bad utility knife either
Review by Tomer L.
Verified Buyer
Sweet knife, well made, only compliant is handle is a tad small for my hands. Bought just to have as an accessory for my AR, really don't plan on using as a knife or a bayonet for that matter, but its nice to know i can if I need to, Zombie Apocalypse bring it on. fits loose on my M4 barrel, they do sell a bushing that allows a snug fit, so if you are planning to use as a bayonet I would recommend, also when attached to my M4 barrel the bad only sticks out past end of barrels by about 3" so you may need to replace the flash suppressor with a smaller one for real effective stabbing action.
Review by Deland D.
Verified Buyer
Bayonets were "ok", although a LOT more worn, knicked, frayed and INCOMPLETE, a couple did not have their pouch and NONE had their sharpening stones!
Top of the line quality knife! A+
Review by Micki Q.
Verified Buyer
Dang good product. Item description is exactly what I got. I love this knife.
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