USGI M9 Bayonet

The M9 Bayonet from OKC is a USGI issued bayonet for the M16 rifle. Officially adopted in 1986, the M9 is a great improvement on the earlier M7 bayonet. With production numbers approaching 500,000 the M9 bayonet is a true battle tested bayonet that can double as a fighting knife.

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  1. USGI M9 Bayonet
  2. Sheath Doubles as a Wire Cutter
  3. Black Oxide Non Reflective Finish
  4. Quick Detach Clips on Sheath
  5. Serrated Spine on Blade
  6. Official Bayonet of the US Military
  7. Blade Length: 7 Inches
  8. Overall Length: 12.25 Inches
  9. NSN#: 1095-01-227-1739
  10. UPC: 071721062202

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Customer Reviews

It is the real deal, great quality
Review by Willia B.
Verified Buyer
Purchased as a nostalgia/collector piece from my Army days. Bayonet and scabbard are in great brand new condition. The blade was plenty sharp and oiled. Ontario does a great job.
Solid bayonet
Review by Bert J.
Verified Buyer
This is a solid military specification bayonet. Anyone who has spent anytime collecting or purchasing a contracted model design over a period of years between the same manufacturer or different manufactures knows there can be significant to slight differences in quality and appearance. The M9 is no exception in my experience with military items. Is there better in the M9? Yes, I can not argue against the BUCK made M9, but more than likely you will pay premium price for what I would call the perfect M9 example. Then there is Lan-Cay which appears to me to fall into and with Ontario, but you will find that slight quality difference in years compared to others. No, not going into each manufacturer, but still want to briefly touch on my reasoning for this review. Functionally, most, if not all will do the job and it comes down to current production new, new old stock, or used and your price point. Certainly there are the china knock-offs, but if you want the real deal and something that will hold value, reliable, and proven - go authentic military issued. I would also recommend supporting US made products if at all possible. Some of the past Lan-Cay seem to have a better finished look - yet some do not. Ontario seems to fit the same ups and downs in the cosmetic department. I have not even come close to owning all years or sampled production runs, but the Ontario I just purchased new seems to be about or a hair above average. The blade is nice overall, but you will see the milling marks (lined scratches) running deeper. The mfg markings move up and down a little and on some, the USA is not completely visible (per other pictures). Now, the black finish on the blade appears weak. Right out of the box, there is wear marks and handling oops - marked up and missing finish. Finish could be improved. The other components seemed to be press stamped with un-refined edges - this seems typical with most of the bayonets I have come across from many models/eras. But, I'm getting picky here - its still a fine item overall and everything is still quality with decent looks. Feels great in the hand and some heft as well. The sheath is solid and can't take anything away - assembly looks good, no initial damage noticed. Yes, the wire cutter is there ... although I have not personally tested - you can find plenty of praising remarks from online video reviews. This current Ontario M9 represents a solid representative military specification item. The hardest choice may be more in choosing used or surplus over retail factory new out-of-box. So I urge you to consider end use and value in cosmetics. Utility wise - I understand why the M9 is here.

In short, I purchased mine for use with my AR15 style rifles. I wanted better cosmetics when compared to used and those that may have been unissued and rattled around in a bulk box. Yes, more preparedness than actual day to day use. Perhaps collector as well. I could not justify the price of BUCK and the knock offs just do not appeal to me. Ontario has been around as long as I can recall (just say many many years) and that says something too. Thanks for reading my review.
perfect addition
Review by Tarron Z.
Verified Buyer
Bought this to add to my knife collection. Fits my m4 rifle nicely. Heavy knife and sheath. Could be a great bushcraft knife for hiking/ camping. Just a little heavy to backpack with. All in all very pleased with it
Got it for no particular reason
Review by Sofia L.
Verified Buyer
Just wanted a bayonet for my AR and my Mossburg 590a1. Now when Feinstein says "what do you need a bayonet lug for", I can say "for my bayonet!". Black one is more expensive, I didn't see a reason for pay extra. The green one is fine. I'm not trying to be a tactical ninja, it's just for fun.
Great knife
Review by Dezire F.
Verified Buyer
This is the real thing. I do wish the blade was longer or the lug was closer to the muzzle. For maximum stabbing, of course.
Great Knife
Review by Dawny I.
Verified Buyer
This is the only way to go if you are interested in buying a bayonet. I have seen cheaper knockoffs but they do not fit near as tight as the Ontario M9 or cut wire near as easily. This is one solid knife and can cut double strand wire with no problems. I would highly recommend this product.
Quality Bayonet
Review by Saida N.
Verified Buyer
This Bayonet is a high quality mil-spec knife. It's scabbard is a high quality hard plactic, OD green and should stand up to hard use. I would recomend this product to anybody who wants a tough bayonet, ready for hard use.
m-9 bayonet with scabbard-green
Review by Baleigh L.
Verified Buyer
Well made bayonet with wire cutting scabbard made by Ontario Knife Co.The scabbard has a quick disconnect belt attachment.Everything is quality!
Expensive for what you get.
Review by Wasim E.
Verified Buyer
This is my second M9 style bayonet. The first was a cheaper version which I returned. The first knife was dull and cheaply made but it fastened securely to my Mossberg 590 shotgun. Wanting more I purchased this one expecting to get much better product since I was paying twice as much. It did come with a decent edge and had a much better feel to it. However feature wise it had less then the cheap knock off. Once fitted to my shotgun it flopped around so bad I thought it would fall off. After 20 min toying with it I realized the handle is about 1/8" longer then it should be which prevents it from properly fitting on my shotgun. This is a real deal breaker as I can find a better knife for less since this will not attach securely to a M9 mount.
Don't pay "New" Price for "Used" knife
Review by Natalea Q.
Verified Buyer
I ordered this item thinking I would get a new unused bayonet with green handle and scabbard but received a used one with black handle and scabbard. I was happy to pay $105.05 when I thought I'd be getting what I ordered. If I wanted a used knife I would've ordered one and not paid $105 for it. Not impressed.
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