USSR Pilot Goggles - Early Style

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The Soviet USSR Pilot Goggles are a pair of vintage protective goggles that were previously issued in the USSR Soviet Army and Air Force. These protective goggles were seen being worn by Soviet troops and pilots during the Cold War. The distinctive "Soviet" look of these goggles has made them popular even today. We think they not only look cool but they are still functional 40 years after they were made.

The Soviet Pilot's Goggles are an interesting pair of vintage military goggles from the former Soviet Union. In Soviet Russia, the military leadership determined that these goggles were perfect. Their perfection made them ideal for being issued to pilots, tank commanders, and motorcycle corps instead of each having their own specialized protective goggles.

Where these goggles perfect? Perhaps! We have tested them on a motorcycle ride. They performed great offering good protection from debris and wind. As an added bonus we had tons of compliments from people we saw on the street. The nice thing about these goggles is they are designed to be rather large so they will fit over top of prescription eye glasses with no issues.

  • Authentic Soviet era Pilot Goggles
  • Surplus Unissued - Comes in Original Box (Box Style May Vary)
  • Russian Instruction Sheet Included
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