UST Paracuda FS Machete

UST Paracuda FS Machete

The UST Paracuda FS Machete by Ultimate Survival Technologies is a handy and capable paracord wrapped machete. With a blade length and serrated design optimized for portability and usability the Paracuda FS belongs on your belt for your next trip into the woods. You can cut through small branches and brush using the Paracuda FS like a traditional machete. The saw tooth edge gives you the ability to use this as a saw for more precise cuts while out on your hike.

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Description / UST Paracuda FS Machete

The UST Paracuda FS Machete continues the line of successful survival tools from Ultimate Survival Technologies. Recognized globally as the leader for consumer geared survival tools you can trust the UST brand to give you value for your money and each tool will perform to a high level. With the UST Paracuda FS you see the innovative design that has become well known with other UST products - this is not just an ordinary machete. From the handle wrapped with 9-feet of paracord to the included magnesium fire starter, you'll be able to tackle most anything that challenges you on your hike or camping adventure.

  • Rust Resistant Blade Oxide Blade
  • 11" Straight Blade - Proven Design for Brush Clearing
  • Saw Tooth Backing - Added Capabilities for Cutting
  • Paracord Wrapped Handle - Over 9-Feet of Paracord
  • Includes Sheath and Magnesium Fire Starter
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