UZI Stock - Wood Quick Detach

UZI Wooden Stock

If you own an UZI, this wood UZI stock is a real joy to shoot with.  You will find your gun shoulders better, is more pleasant to shoot, and looks like a completely different gun with this stock installed. These stocks came from surplus Israeli sub-machine guns that were demilled in Israel and are a must-have accessory for your UZI.

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Description / UZI Wooden Stock


  • UZI Wooden Stock
  • Israeli Army Surplus
  • Complete Stock - Ready to Install
  • No Gunsmithing Required
  • Made in Israel

More Information

Manufacturer Israeli Army Surplus

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Customer Reviews

Very poor, battered wood, metal parts roughly (re)parkerised
Review by Gene
Verified Buyer
Very poor, battered wood, metal parts roughly (re)Parkerised. This will sit in my junk box. Past experience led me to expect more from KeepShooting. Sad.
Like cheek weld?
Review by Doramia
Verified Buyer
Once you get tired of firing your Uzi from the hip like a villan from Miami Vice, and actually want to hit stuff, this little beauty will get your cheek married to your weapon. Mine had perfect metal, and wood was ding free.
For UZI Stocks, this is Best Quality & Best Price
Review by Patrick
Verified Buyer
The stocks I recieved were in excellent condition, practically new with very minor blemishes. What's more, you can't find them better looking nor at a better price.
Best Deal on UZI Stocks
Review by Eric
Verified Buyer
Ordered two of these to modify for my Semi UZI. Both had minor handling marks, which didn't matter since I refinished them anyways. You cant find these any cheaper online, good buy!
Best Price for an UZI Stock anywhere!
Review by Steve
Verified Buyer
I've looked for these at several locations and these are the best! Mine both arrived new in the plastic with a few small dings in the wood which is to be expected due to age and storage. Had to modify the mount a little to fit the Vector model but a few minutes with a dremel and done. Fits the IMI perfect! Get them before they're gone!
Very Nice Stock
Review by Jeff
Verified Buyer
The stock I purchased looks almost brand new. Fits great with included hardware. Best price I have found. I would order again if needed.
Outstanding Condition.
Review by Jeff
Verified Buyer
These are a great deal. Both were in Excellent condition.
Much better than metal for shooting with
Review by RemMax
Verified Buyer
I have 2 of these stocks and love both of them.
Back when I built my 2 Uzi Carbines I spent a fortune buying metal stocks thinking the would b better. They're not!
After I bought these I was quite pleased to find out the are the quick detachable type, just push a button on the bottom and slide it off. Makes my Uzi's a lot more compact to store in the safe
Having shot in Sub Gun Matches with the Collapsible stock first couple of years I had it, I never really did very well in the matches where your shooting fairly small targets, once I started using these wood Q/D stocks my scores went up dramatically and I found out quick how much more comfortable the wood stock is on your cheek! NO MORE RATTLED TEETH!!! :-)
The folding stocks are nice if your going to carry your UZI concealed but personally I have no reason to do so.
These wooden quick release stocks can be put on in seconds and removed again in seconds as needed so finally I have a good sight picture and no more rattled teeth!
Also if your Uzi is a select fire then it will still run with the stock removed. Unfortunately if you have a semi it wont operate without the stock in place as the striker spring sits right where the metal stock bolts on and when you try to cock it the striker spring pokes out of the mounting hole disabling the striker assembly.
Bottom line is that the folding stocks Look cool and are wonderful for body guards and such who carry their weapons inside the car with them ready to fire at a moments notice.
For the rest of us who pack our guns in cases to carry it to the range and shoots them at targets these are much more comfortable stocks.
Plus you can remove the Q/D Stock so easily that it makes them a lot easier to store them in the safe.
I currently have them on both my 45acp & 9mm Uzi's and while I still have my folding stocks I keep these on the guns.
And lastly, At this price you can't possibly go wrong! Buy them while you can, they're getting harder to find by the day!
Great Value...
Review by Jeff
Verified Buyer
OK... Metal gets an A+ and the Wood gets a B+... Couple of deeper gouges in the wood but not much wear.. Its like it wasn't issued but seriously dropped on a couple rocks with the metal protected... The metal looks new. The wood may steam out but probably not... A little character.. I am very pleased overall and wouldn't hesitate to buy another if I needed one.
Excellent stock for the money.
Review by R. Hunter
Verified Buyer
Ordered one of these stocks and I was amazed at the excellent condition of this item. There is one small ding on the right side of the stock and on the left side there is one very small hair line crack that is only about 3/4 of an inch in length. Other than those two very small flaws the stock looks as if it just came off of the assembly line. Excellent value for the money spent.

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