"V for Vendetta" Mask

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November; Gunpowder, treason and plot.” Bonus points for those of you who can tell me why these words are important without reading the title or the text of this article. Do not look at the picture either! Well, it is probably too late for that. If you have not figured it out yet, our newest product is the “V for Vendetta” mask.

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As noted, the story told by "V for Vendetta" was inspired by a real-life historical event. Guy, or Guido, Fawkes was an English Catholic born in 1570. He is most recognizable as a conspirator involved in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, sometimes known as the Gunpowder Treason Plot, in which Fawkes, along with a group of fellow Catholics, sought to assassinate King James I by blowing up the House of Lords. Fawkes’ job was to safeguard the gunpowder hidden below the House of Lords. When was this scheduled to take place? November 5, 1605. Long story short, their plan failed. Today, Bonfire Night is observed on November 5 to commemorate the events.

"V for Vendetta" is set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future in which England is ruled by a totalitarian regime that is all very reminiscent of George Orwell’s “1984.” Cue the arrival of “V”, the series’ terrorist/freedom-fighter protagonist who decides he’s had enough and takes it upon himself to force a change. At its heart, this is a story about the clashing of political ideologies, as the fascist Norsefire party feels the wrath of the anarchist V.

In the story, protagonist V dons the very same mask that is now available today. As noted, the "V for Vendetta" mask is designed to resemble Guy Fawkes. The mask is constructed almost entirely of plastic and measures approximately 8.5 inches by 7.5 inches and will conceal most faces. It is secured to the face via a Velcro® adjustable strap.

There is a reason why this mask is popping up at protests all over the world. It has become a symbol. It is a “vestige of the vox populi,” as V puts it. It represents the voice of the people. Not to mention the fact that it just plain looks cool. The "V for Vendetta" mask is sure to be a hit with both collectors and fans of the media that spawned it.

Overall Rating
Looks Fawking Awesome
Review by Rich
I've been wanting one of these Guy Fawkes masks for quite awhile and finally got one here. I'm pleased with the materials and construction. It's also pretty cool that it's an officially licensed item from the movie V For Vendetta.. (haven't seen it yet).
Overall Rating
It's okay
Review by seth
These are very thin and brittle - don't expect it to be like what you saw in the movie.
The paintjobs can vary too.
Overall Rating
Review by Shrek is Love
For ten dollars, you can't get a better deal. It's plastic, but not that cheap, flimsy plastic stuff like this is usually made of- It's actually quite sturdy. The strap is reliable as well. I love mine, I think it looks fantastic.
Overall Rating
attended geter!
Review by israel
I took the family trick or treating for Halloween. I wore this with a hoodie sweatshirt. if you're looking to stand out and get a lot of attention (all positive). This is definitely the way to go!
Overall Rating
Great for Halloween
Review by Chris
Save the day for a halloween costume. Made is so easy this year.
Overall Rating
Decent for the price.
Review by Joseph
For 10 bucks you really cannot complain about anything on this mask, the plastic it is constructed from is decently sturdy and the strap though it looks flimsy is actually quite reliable. I am going to St. Louis later this month and cannot wait to snap a few pictures with me in front of the arch with the mask on.
Overall Rating
Great Movie Prop!
Review by Doctor Shakalu
Cool movie prop from an awesome movie; allowed me to adopt an "edgy" political opinion w/out actually thinking & defining my beliefs. Makes a fine ensemble when paired with my Che Guevera T-shirt. Also I wear it when I protest the man (much easier than getting a job, LOL). Mask is made from sturdy plastic, but will not offer protection from pepper spray or night sticks.
Overall Rating
Good mask
Review by Potatoe
Good mask for the money
Overall Rating
V mask
Review by Brian
Bought this for Halloween. Great mask.
Overall Rating
Keepshooting Customer Service Rocks!!
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
Bought this item in preparation for Halloween.

Unfortunately, the mask I received was bent on one side. Possibly due to the tight fitting plastic bag it was in. I called KeepShooting Customer Service and explained this. The Lady I talked to was very helpful and will be sending me a replacement.
Thanks KeepShooting...you offer unique products at great prices and treat your customers with respect....hard to find combo.

Can't weight to open that door on Halloween and scare the kiddies with the phrase "Penny for a Guy".

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