Vintage German Unsere Wehrmacht Matchbox

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The Vintage German Unsere Wehrmacht Matchbox is a vintage matchbox that was originally produced for distribution to German soldiers to help increase morale. On the front of the matchbox are a pair of German soldiers along with national flags. On the bottom of the box is the German eagle and the word "Safety Matches" denoting the original contents of the matchbox.

The Vintage German Unsere Wehrmacht Matchbox is an example of how matches were used to show support or send messages. During the build up and fighting of World War II the German army like all armed forces issued cigarettes as part of ration kits. What better way to increase morale than to produce matches for smoking that featured patriotic messages and pictures to inspire the soldiers in the Wehrmacht.

We found these matchboxes in the Baltics and knew we wanted to import them. Due to regulations on shipping matches and wood products, we had all of the original matches removed to satisfy US Customs regulations. No worry though, we've put 10 brand new wooden matches into each box, allowing you to display the matchbox or use it as intended at your next historical event.

  • Vintage German Matchbox - Found in Baltics
  • German Soldiers and Flags on Box
  • Unsere Wehrmacht = "Our Army"
  • Includes Ten New Wooden Matches
  • Dimensions: 2" x 1.5"
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