Vz. 58 Cleaning Kit

Plenty of firearms are reliable, but there is one that rises above the rest. You could bury it in the sand, leave it out in the rain and drive over it with a truck and still, the AK-47 would perform its sole job dutifully. Yes, the true hallmark of the AK-47 is its reliability. The AK-47 is a selective-fire assault rifle that was developed in the 1940s by Mikhail Kalashnikov and his often uncredited team for a round of military trials designed to field a weapon chambered for the 7.62x39mm cartridge. And in case you were unaware, it is built to last and remain functional with little maintenance.

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As noted, the vz. 58 is a selective-fire assault rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm that was originally designed and produced in Czechoslovakia. The rifle served to replace a number of other Czech service firearms including the vz. 52, the vz. 24 and the vz. 26. Though the vz. 58 features an external appearance very similar to the AK-47, the operation is a bit different. Nevertheless, the design concepts that make the AK-47 so reliable can also be found in the vz. 58. Those include loosely-fitting moving parts and a tapered cartridge case, which allow the rifles to withstand substantial fouling and foreign matter without succumbing to failure. But that does not mean you should never clean your rifle!

Sure the AK-47 and the vz. 58 have proven to be reliable firearms that require little maintenance, but what maintenance they do beg of you is very simple. In fact, that maintenance is made even easier when you have the equipment originally included with each service rifle, much of which is included in the vz. 58 cleaning kit.

Included with each vz. 58 cleaning kit are all of the following items:

- Two-piece cleaning rod

- Muzzle cap

- Chamber brush

- Slotted patch end

- Threaded blank fire adapter

- Combination oil bottle and rod handle

- Combination firing pin tool and retaining pin

Grab yours today for just $13.95 and give your rifle the cleaning it deserves but probably does not need.

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Perfect Order
Review by Linus B.
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I ordered two of these cleaning kits and both are excellent.
Good for my use
Review by Clive Q.
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Received in three days after buying. Will be back to buy at KS again!
Very Satisfied
Review by Taurice R.
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Received in two days after placing my order. Will be back to buy from Keepshooting again!
Excellent Seller
Review by Joni J.
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Finest VZ 58 cleaning kit for the price from a awesome company. Thank you KS!
Review by Jairus G.
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First-Rate VZ 58 cleaning kit
Review by Waseem A.
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These VZ 58 cleaning kit are awesome. Would definitely recommend.
Just as pictured.
Review by Anson Q.
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cleaning kits look wonderful. Just what I expected.
Review by Kue J.
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I ordered two of these cleaning kits and both are excellent.
Thanks KS
Review by Macarthur K.
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Would Recommend this VZ 58 cleaning kit
Great Deal
Review by Alandis Q.
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Cost is excellent and shipping was speedy.
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