Water Balloon Launcher Kit

We have a great Water Balloon Launcher Kit for sale!  If you are looking for a Water Balloon Sling Shot that can shoot T-shirts or other Prizes, this is the sling shot you need!

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Use small round water balloons and fill them to The Size of a Tennis Ball. If the balloons break as they are leaving the pouch, it is likely that you are holding the handles further than three feet apart, or your balloons are too full.

There are 2 ways to use this Water Balloon Kit: (please click the image on the left to see illustration)

Three Person Method:
Two players stand three feet apart facing their target, each grasping one of the vinyl grips and tubing connector with their inside hand. A third player (launcher) will then load the water balloon into the pouch with one hand holding the handle and the other hand cupping the balloon into the pouch. The launcher will then pull back (no further than recommended above). Then aim at the target and let fly.

One Person Method:
When using this method, always extend your hands and arms as far away and directly in front of your body as possible. NEVER LOOK INTO THE POUCH WHILE THE TUBING IS EXTENDED. You should practice without balloons until you feel certain that the pouch and balloon will go freely away from you. Begin by looping the pouch strap under the tip of your right toe. Next load a small balloon into the pouch, grasp both handles, and take a step forward with your left foot. Then extend your arms straight out in front of you and away from your body. Without kicking or picking your foot up, release enough pressure on your right toe, pulling the pouch and balloon out and into the direction of your outstretched arms.

Please Remember:

  • Never pull tubing back at Eye Level!
  • Never attach launcher to permanent fixture!
  • Always use protective eyewear!
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    United Defense Products
    Overall Rating
    Review by seth
    These are AWESOME at parties and water parks. Just make sure you clear it with the host or lifeguards!
    Overall Rating
    Water Balloon Launcher
    Review by Brian
    Got this to have some fun with the kids. We had a blast , this thing is amazing. Tons of fun. A lot easier than I thought it would be. We didn't measure how far they went, but they had blast with this.
    Overall Rating
    Classic Fun
    Review by Joe Moms
    Have you ever seen the reaction of people when water balloons are falling from the sky all around them and they have no idea where they are coming from? You want to talk about hilarious! Using 3 people, you can easily shoot water balloons over 200 yards. This is so much fun they will probably make them illegal.
    Overall Rating
    Review by Kenny
    Go's far and is fun to shoot water ballons with it

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