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Woodland Camouflage Gloves – Brand New Leather-Lined Gloves

Woodland Camo Gloves


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  • Woodland Camouflage Gloves – Brand New Leather-Lined Gloves Woodland Camouflage Gloves – Brand New Leather-Lined Gloves

Woodland Camo Gloves

Every now and then, a little manual labor does the body good. As such, you should get out and pull some landscaping duty here and there. Go trim the hedges. Take an hour or two out of your weekend to get up off of the couch and put the football game on hold to soak up some rays and get some real work done.

Of course, that is always easier said than done – especially when you have baby soft office workers' hands that have never seen an honest day's work. Luckily, had your baby soft mittens in mind when ordering up a batch of our new woodland camouflage gloves.

With's new woodland camouflage gloves, you can enjoy some good, hard, manual labor without suffering the irritating callouses or painful blisters that typically come with it. Instead, the soft lining will keep your hands warm and softer than ever, ready to mash those keys come Monday morning at 8:30 a.m.

Grab your woodland camouflage gloves today for just $11.50. Then put them to good use.


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When it comes to work gloves, you have three options. The first option is to buy a nice, expensive pair of gloves that will provide years of protection at a premium price – sounds good other than that whole premium price thing. The second option is to head on over to the dollar store and pick up a multi-pack of cheap, poorly-made gloves that will not protect a thing. Hey, at least they were cheap, right? The third and final option is the one most people do not know about. You can head on over to and grab a well-made pair of woodland camouflage gloves and enjoy years of premium protection at a non-premium price.

Each pair of woodland camouflage gloves boasts military-grade craftsmanship and consists of a thin outer layer constructed from a soft nylon material as well as an interior lined with a thin, comfortable layer of fleece. Despite being excellent for winter use, they are lightweight and breathable. The real draw, however, is not in their light weight or breathability, but rather the inclusion of a protective layer of synthetic leather on the areas that are most vulnerable to wear and injury. The palm of each glove, along with the tips of each finger, has an added layer of synthetic leather to protect the most sensitive parts of the hand from dangerous elements that may be encountered during various types of labor. Additionally, the gloves feature a Velcro®-adjustable wristband. Another interesting feature is the inclusion of locking clasp that ensures you will never be searching for a single missing glove.

As their name suggests, each pair of woodland camouflage gloves features the U.S. woodland camouflage pattern, also known as the M81 pattern. Debuted in 1981, the woodland camouflage pattern is a four-colored camouflage pattern that combines swaths of green, tan, brown and black and was intended for general cover in both temperate and tropical woodland environments. It is one of the world's most recognizable camouflage patterns and is still in use with the U.S. Navy as well as numerous foreign nations.

Consider the woodland camouflage gloves for any of the following:

- Cold, winter weather

- Hunting

- Camping

- Landscaping

- Woodcutting

- Other outdoor activities

The woodland camouflage gloves are now available for just $11.50 per pair.

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