Yugoslavian M53 Belt Drum

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Growing up, I wanted badly to learn how to play the drums. Unfortunately, drum sets were expensive and so were lessons. You can probably see where this story is headed. Now an adult, I still know nothing of the drums. I did, however, have several opportunities to sit behind a drum set and attempt to learn a thing or two from an old friend who happens to be a skilled drummer. As it turns out, I am an incredibly unskilled musician as rhythm and hemispherical brain cooperation do not appear to be my strong suits. Luckily, there are other drums that are just a bit easier to master – drums like the Yugoslavian M53 belt drum.

Loading a 50-round M53 ammunition belt with 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridges is not the most difficult task I have come across. Neither is loading that ammunition belt into a Yugoslavian M53 belt drum and peppering downrange targets. It is, however, a bit more fun than taking a seat behind a drum set and pounding away – louder too. If that sounds like the kind of fun you are looking for, then consider grabbing one of our Yugoslavian M53 belt drums. These surplus belt drums make it possible to keep hundreds of rounds of ammunition ready to fire at a moment's notice and are compatible with the Yugoslavian M53, the MG42 and the original MG34.

The Yugoslavian M53 belt drum is now available from Keepshooting.com for $54.95.

Who is ready for a history lesson? I know I am! The MG42 is a 7.9 mm general-purpose machine gun developed in 1942 for Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht. Generally, it was used to supplement its predecessor – the MG34 – but in some cases served as a replacement. Ideally, the machine gun was operated by a six-man crew: the gun commander, a soldier designated to carry and fire the gun, one for the tripod and three more to carry ammunition, spare barrels and other accessories.

As with many firearms, several variations of the original MG42 developed over time, including a Yugoslavian license-built MG42, which was designated the M53 and nicknamed the Šarac. Retaining its chambering for the 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridge, the M53 was nearly an exact copy of the MG42, which makes the Yugoslavian M53 belt drum compatible with both the MG42 and the MG34.

As noted, each Yugoslavian M53 belt drum offered by Keepshooting.com is an authentic piece of Yugoslavian military surplus. As such, these belt drums were originally designed for and used by machine gun units in the ground forces of the Jugoslovenska Narodna Armija, also known as the Yugoslav People's Army. Like the M53 itself, the belt drum was based on the original design of the German MG42 from World War II.

The Yugoslavian M53 belt drum features a full steel construction and a coat of olive drab paint to give it the original appearance of an authentic German MG42 belt drum. Easily installed to the feed tray of any M53, MG42 or MG34 machine gun, the Yugoslavian M53 belt drum is designed for optimal ammunition feeds and is ideal for sustained-fire exercises.

Because these are surplus items, there is no guarantee that each drum will be in unissued condition. However, considering the fact that they are roughly 50 years old, they could be considered to be in excellent condition. While each is in perfect working condition, they may show signs of storage wear, but nothing that is detrimental to the function of the drums.

Whether you are building a collection, take part in reenactments or you are looking for a good time at the range, the Yugoslavian M53 belt drum is sure to meet your needs. Grab yours today for just $54.95.

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