Yugoslavian Army Mess Kit

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The Yugoslavian Army Mess Kit is a six piece mess kit that was the standard issue mess kit in the former Yugoslavian Army. This mess kit proved to be so successful that after the breakup of Yugoslavia it continued to be used by soldiers in the Serbian Army.

The Yugoslavian Army Mess Kit is a complete self contained mess kit that has everything you would need to cook and eat in the field over an open fire. This mess kit is one of the only military mess kits that also includes a canteen. With a space saving design, you'll appreciate having everything you need for your mess kit and will be surprised at how little space it will take up in your backpack.

One of the first things worth mentioning about these Yugoslavian Mess Kits is that they have everything you could want. It has them and they are a nested design to save space in your pack. With the included canteen you can carry enough water to drink and the canteen cover doubles as a cup. For storage of the canteen it fits into the pan with the folding handle and a cover for the pan doubles as a dish to eat your meal out of once it has been cooked.

  • Authentic Yugoslavian Army Mess Kit
  • Aluminum Cooking Bot with Folding Handle
  • Plastic Serving Dish - Functions as Lid for Cook Pot
  • 1-Liter Canteen with Cup
  • Original Storage Bag
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