Yugoslavian Army Mess Kit

The Yugoslavian Army Mess Kit is a six piece mess kit that was the standard issue mess kit in the former Yugoslavian Army. This mess kit proved to be so successful that after the breakup of Yugoslavia it continued to be used by soldiers in the Serbian Army.

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The Yugoslavian Army Mess Kit is a complete self contained mess kit that has everything you would need to cook and eat in the field over an open fire. This mess kit is one of the only military mess kits that also includes a canteen. With a space saving design, you'll appreciate having everything you need for your mess kit and will be surprised at how little space it will take up in your backpack.

One of the first things worth mentioning about these Yugoslavian Mess Kits is that they have everything you could want. It has them and they are a nested design to save space in your pack. With the included canteen you can carry enough water to drink and the canteen cover doubles as a cup. For storage of the canteen it fits into the pan with the folding handle and a cover for the pan doubles as a dish to eat your meal out of once it has been cooked.

  • Authentic Yugoslavian Army Mess Kit
  • Aluminum Cooking Bot with Folding Handle
  • Plastic Serving Dish - Functions as Lid for Cook Pot
  • 1-Liter Canteen with Cup
  • Original Storage Bag
More Information
Overall Rating
Good mess kit. did not include silverware.
Review by Summer
no silverware included.
Overall Rating
Nice little kit
Review by Joseph
Pretty nice kit. Came dirty but cleaned up well.
Overall Rating
Great buy
Review by Shawn
I just got this now, and it really blew me away. Mine has a name carved into it, burn and scratch marks on the bottom, it's dirty and gross. But do I regret this buy? Not one bit. Once I clean it, it'll surely be something I plan to show off to my friend's a lot. The canvas case it comes in is snug, but it's a lot smaller than expected and it's square design shouldn't take up much space. The 3 utensils were in perfect condition and the knife is very dull and honestly I feel won't have much use, but the can opener on it is extremely sharp and would work very well. The only complaint I have is that the large plastic serving cup ( not the small one) is cracked fairly well and I can't use the common part of putting the two together via the metal handle on the pan. Be weary you may not recieve something in perfect condition, but I couldn't be happier with it and the historic value it has. After cleaning and finding someway to fix the crack, it will surely be something I look forward to using the hell out of until I need to buy another one.
Overall Rating
Great product
Review by Timothy
Bought one of these some time ago, didn't really get a chance to use it much til just recently. The kit itself was in almost mint condition, the carrying pouch a little bit worn; still, a really great system, very compact and versatile. Will probably buy some more of these when the budget permits.
Overall Rating
Good value but well used
Review by Soon
might have got the bottom of the barrel on mine as the one I received was noticeably used. lots of marks and a name carved into the exterior paint. also not well cleaned as there was still crusted on bits of food that need to be cleaned off. overall though still a good value.
Overall Rating
Great Nesting Kit!
Review by Dan R
Cleaned with chlorine bleach/water and let set in sun for a week. Cleaned and deodorized fine. I use this with my Esbit stove/fuel tabs. Item was in good condition with no damage when received. Over time the paint will burn off the cup if used over heat.
Overall Rating
Real Bargain
Review by Les
For what you get here, I really don't think you can't beat it. Mine seems unused but I soaked it in a bleach solution just to be safe. Everything nests together well and doesn't rattle much at all.
Overall Rating
Good Value
Review by OldGrouchyGuy
I ordered 2 of these for bug out bags I was making for my daughters and myself to keep in their vehicles.

I wanted a mess kit that included the 'silverware" and also a canteen. Some of the other surplus mess kits don't have utensils and/or canteens so all considered it was bargain to get all of that together that fits in a nice space saving kit with its own pouch.

The plastic bowl (lid that fits over the canteen) was slightly melted on 1 of them (looks like it got too close to the fire). I sanded the inside edge and it firs well now. That was the reason I deducted 1 star on quality.

Don't cram those lids on tightly, they fit real tight and are a bear to get off.

All in all I was very happy with the purchase.
Overall Rating
Great buy
Review by jeff
Came a little beat up and dirty but cleaned up well. Shipping a little high but can't do much about that. Peice for the kit is a bargain and a lot better then other kits you see out there.
Overall Rating
Like new
Review by Brian
The snap on the pouch looks a little worn, but otherwise the set looks like new.
The rectangular shape of the items is a little bit of an adjustment when cooking and eating (for instance making sure you don't burn food in the corners of the pot or drinking from a straight edge cup) but the shape makes for a more efficient use of space if you are carrying the set inside of your pack.

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